Coral And Poppy Swimsuit Trends

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Holly and Melissa from MYO Magazine discuss the latest swimsuit trends this year including coral and poppy.

    Holly: Hi! I'm Holly.

    Melissa: And I'm Melissa from MYO Magazine. We are here in Sunny Laguna Beach to talk swimwear trends for 2013. Hot color of the season is shades of coral, poppy and orange. They were popular last season, and they are back brighter than ever for 2013.

    Holly: So, let's get fired up because these sunny hills aren't going anywhere.

    Melissa: On Lindsay, we have the REEF crop top and string pants, it's one of my favorite suits, not only is it right on trending coral, but the crop top is a cutely style you'll be seeing everywhere this season.

    Holly: Thanks Lindsay. For a sportier look, Gretchen is wearing the NEXT by Athena Soul Surfer Bandini and jump start swim short. This is the perfect in summer if you want to wear on the water, stand up paddling, surfing, swimming, or even going to next field session. Thanks Gretchen.

    Poppy is one of those colors that just put the smile on everyone's face. You can't go wrong with a suit in this color.