Core Exercises for Back Pain Relief

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Founder of King Chiropractic Dr. Neil King demonstrates exercises for your core that will help with back pain.

    Dr. Neil King: Hi, I am Dr. Neil King, founder of King Chiropractic. We are back. We are still wiping out that low back pain but now we have move to the floor on all fours. What this is going to do is this is going to stabilize your core through here and also give mobility and interestingly enough, stabilization to your low back and also your upper back. I am going to start gently with these and there is a reason because I know on my years of experience that people tend to rush too quickly on exercises like this and they end up hurting themselves or they get frustrated by the increased stiffness.

    So stick with me. We are going to start slowly. Here is what you are going to do first. You will be in this position, abdominals in and all you are going to do is just raise one arm and then the other arm. It's just simple as that. Now people are amazed by this exercise, but what it does is is it actually teaches our upper shoulder girdle, the rotator cuff, the Glenohumeral joints, all of those things to stabilize and give mobility while our low back is firing. So what we are doing is we are just doing 15 times alternating each arm and each leg. That's our first exercise. We are going to do three.

    The next exercise is simply like this. Head straight ahead, again, my head isn't up, it isn't down and what I am going to do is I am going to lift my leg. A lot of you have probably seen this exercise in exercise videos but I want to stress something. This is not straightening your leg and bending your head down. This is keeping your head neutral and straightening one leg at a time, 15 times with each leg. That works the sacroiliac joints which we have mentioned earlier and it also strengthens the gluteal muscles down in the low back.

    Now, we are going to put both of those together and I want to stress the way to do this is to do the shoulders, the low back and then do them together and this is how you do it. 15 on each side, that's working the shoulder girdle, the sacroiliac joint, the gluteal muscles and firing the abdominals to give the area the support that we need to wipe out that low back pain. We did the arms, the legs and we did them together. When we come back we are going to be working on more core strengthening exercises and I can't wait for you to see those.