Core Kickboxing Dance Steps

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Trainer Kaesha Matthews demonstrates core kickboxing dance steps.

    Kaesha Matthews: Hi! I am Kaesha Matthews, owner of X Factor and I am here to show you core kickboxing moves. What we are going to do is going to some alternative steps called Capoeira steps and with this of course you are working for your core. What we want to do is get into basic core stance, again knees are slightly bent, arms up on guard. Now with this move Capoeira, Capoeira the word itself actually comes from a Brazilian style of fighting and there they also dance as well as fight with this move and they call it Capoeira and this is all done in Brazil. So they actually bring one leg forward and back, okay now while you are doing this you want to bring arms in where you are stepping and act like you are grabbing someone and put him down on the ground, okay. So you are grabbing and pulling them down and while you are doing this watch the core; you are actually squeezing your abs, tightening the muscles and then flexing them, okay. So you brings your arms out and down; you are also working your arms as well make sure that you extend your arms as far as you can; you are reaching and you are basically imitating the move of grabbing someone by, for example the shirt and they just made you mad so you want to grab him and thrown him down on the floor okay and this is also pretty similar to some jujitsu moves as well. So then up to side, forward and back, you are extending your arms, grabbing the person, throwing him down on the ground; extending and throw okay. Work that core, keep it tight, keep it going, okay. So that calls the Capoeira step, there is another step also called the Ginga and you also work the core as well. This is also part of the Capoeira step series; this time instead of using one leg forward and back you are actually alternating and you are bringing one leg back and also moving with the other leg. So basic movement, bring one leg back, the other leg back; you kind of develop a groove to this too. Okay, this time we are going to bring our arms side to side like this, okay you are twisting your upper body, okay. You are keeping your legs, hips length apart and you want to guard your arms or guard your face with your arms rather, okay. So you are twisting, twisting, twisting, twisting, okay. So side to side moving the core, one leg back at each time, okay so together one leg out, drawing it down in the basic Capoeira step and bringing them down, working the core, okay and then the Ginga step. Off to the side, guard your face, one leg back at a time, okay. So those are the two steps that we use for working the core, now we are going to head into the twist.