Core Kickboxing Pumps

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Trainer Kaesha Matthews demonstrates core kickboxing pumps.

    Kaesha Matthews: Hi! I am Kaesha Matthews, owner of X Factor and I am here to show you some core kickboxing moves. Now we are going to go ahead and jump into some pumps and core kickboxing moves are basically aimed towards your core, your abs, or abdominals or your eight-pack or maybe six-packs depending on what you have going on. But this will definitely help define those muscles, your obliques and your center area as well of your abdominals. Going back to the center core stance, you are on guard, knees are firm but comfortable and at this time what we are going to do is work on the core area with the pump. Now pumping means we are going to squeeze in bringing our guard down, elbows down, scrunching-in in the abdominal and then bringing yourself back up. So from the side view; we have our horse stance, back is straight, your arms are on guard. What we are going to do is squeeze in and we are bringing the pelvis in, we are bringing your tailbone in and notice I am making somewhat of a C shape and you are bringing your guard in as well. You are not going to squeeze just for the heck of it, focus on the core and really squeeze in and make sure that your glutes are tight as well. So when you pump, you are pumping in, pumping in, pumping in, okay. So usually you can take this pump to the sides and even add a jab to it as well. So here is the basic stance I am pumping, pump we are going to take it out to the side and out two, three okay. So a basic step touch and a pump. We are going to add a jab to this and a jab, okay and we are following the basic form that we went over in the previous clip. Okay and make sure that you are focussing on your core and twisting your lower body to follow through with the basic core, okay. So that was the basic pump, we are going to go ahead and jump into some couple other kickboxing steps.