Core Kickboxing Twist

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Trainer Kaesha Matthews demonstrates the core kickboxing twist.

    Kaesha Matthews: Hi, my name is Kaesha Matthews, owner of X Factor and I am here to show you how to do some Core Kickboxing moves, moves that you can use for your core. So what we are going to do right now is go into the twist move. This is something that's pretty much used in many cardio kickboxing classes. You want to use a side stance, but keep your stance hip length apart and this time, you are actually facing on the side towards your opponent or towards the front of the glass in this case. Make sure that your feet are fairly comfortable, slightly pointed outward and you don't want your feet completely straight to where you can become unbalanced. So keep your knees bent, we are going to do a modified core stance. This time we are facing towards the side and we are going to do a jab-cross-jab then knee. So you want to jab with one side, cross with the other while you are crossing, you are actually bringing your hip and torso forward and you are twisting from the balls of your feet, knees are slightly turned in. So jab-cross-jab. When I do the jab again just like a jab, your heel of your foot is actually touching the ground. So you are twisting forward to the cross, bringing it back and the heel goes back on to the ground. Now after you do so, it has actually worked the core, you want to bring your knee all the way up to your chest and while you are bringing your knee up to your chest, you want to bring your arm in to your obliques area and your glutes. So you are actually cooling down and working the oblique area. So let me start from the beginning. We are doing a jab, you are doing the cross, keeping with the same form and your hip movement and hip action with the power going forward, bringing back and then with the leg or knee coming up and working the core with putting the arm in. So jab-cross-jab-knee, jab-cross-jab-knee. Again, working the core, bring the knee all the way up, you want to bring your elbow all the way down and work those obliques. Same with the opposite side. Legs are hip length apart, slightly bent, slight squat, jab-cross-jab, jab-cross-jab-knee, jab-cross-jab-knee and again, watch your back. You don't want to dig all the way in like a hermit and do the twist. You want to make sure you are at a comfortable stance, back is straight, but slightly in at a ready stance. That was a twist, now we are going to go ahead and combine all of the kickboxing moves we have just learnt.