Correcting Common Chip Shot Mistakes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    LPGA Teaching Pro Paige Veliz-Gilbert will demonstrate how to fix some common faults in a chip shot.

    Paige Veliz-Gilbert: We are going to talk about some common faults and how to fix them when it comes to our chip-shots. When we are chipping sometimes our instincts tell us that we need to scoop the ball and lift it. When I do that, two things happen. One is, my weight falls to my back foot and the second thing is that my hands tend to break down and scoop at the ball. These chip shots are just like an underhand toss. So, if we remember to put the shot into the context of a tossing motion, we realize that the way it has to stay on the front foot. As a practice drill, you can actually hit chip shots with just one hand. You will feel that when you make that tossing motion; your weight has to bump forward just a little bit. Try not to be so stiff that you don't allow for a natural shift in your weight.

    The other issue is what the hands are doing to keep the wrist from breaking down and losing the club this way. Take a Tee and to place it between the pad of the hand and the top of the club. When I press the Tee to keep it in place, it creates just a little bit of tension in the forearm and wrist; it will help minimize any breaking of the wrist side to side. And now when I address the ball, it should be easier to keep this triangle that I started with intact. And now I am ready for another chip shot. Keep those in mind, I guarantee, you will hit better shots.