Costume Makeup – Creating a Stubble Beard with Makeup

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Makeup artist Emily Bodak demonstrates how to make a scurvy pirate face including a scurvy pirate beard.

    Emily Bodak

    Hi, I'm Emily! Costume and character makeup are awesome, you can become your most favourite things! Don't hold back, imagination is where it's at!

    Emily Hi, I am Emily at Masters Costumes and I am showing you today how to make a scurvy pirate face including a scurvy pirate beard. What we applied so far is a pre-formed hair moustache prosthetic, which already came like this, we just glued that on the spirit gum and then we used spirit gum to attach individual strands or what is called crepe hair which is made out of wool. We are now going to do, kind of a stubble affect, as opposed to doing an entire full beard with the crepe hair or with the prosthetic. This is going to make our clean shaven model here appear very, weathered and not as clean-shaven.

    So, we are going to use, what is called the stipple sponge, now if you are going to apply any type of base, lets say that you were a fantastic pirate or have some have the different colored skin or if you just wanted to have a concealer beneath then you would go ahead and do that.

    Right now, we are working with clean skin. The effect is going to be enough to achieve this look without a base. The stipple sponge has got a really great texture to it. It actually looks very rough, its pretty soft though and you can get this at any cosmetic store, theatrical supplier like we have here. What I am using here is just a brown color, depending on what colored beard you are going to have, you want to use that color for the stipple.

    We are going to use this to create a kind of five o clock shadow look and what you are really doing is you are just taking that and you are not pressing too hard, placing it against the skin and you can go right over top of the spirit gum that you use on that crepe hair.

    You can go over that with the base as well and we are going to do this, you dont want to drag it because you dont want it to be lines, you want it to be little tiny dots all over the face.

    I wish that was darker, I am going to use the black. So, you want to use the color thats going to be dark enough to show up against the skin. So, here, even though the prosthetic itself, is brown, we are going to use black for the stippling effect for his five o clock shadow, there we go.

    Once again, you are not looking to drag this across the skin, you want to be real, down and up with the motion, so that you get a nice consistent speckling of color, and to follow the line up into the hairline, anywhere where an unruly beard would want to go.

    We are thinking about pirates who never have time to shave. You can take that down to the neck, wherever your costume begins all the way down to there and since we are using a cream based make-up, we are going to go ahead and powder this to set it.

    I like to do a localized powder technique, as opposed to using a whole powder puff this isnt a whole lot of make-up that we are setting. You are welcome to use a great big powder puff like this, but I just like to use a nice, dry brush for a localized application and just dab that on, be a little generous with that, you just really want to cover it, once again you dont want to drag the brush, you are really just tapping this on as well.

    If you drag the brush at this point, you do run the risk of pulling the paint down and creating lines which is definitely not what we want to do. One you have pretty generous portion on, then you can start to kind of brush it away. You maybe more comfortable closing your eyes with this step.

    Hence, be real generous and do it in sections. Once you have the whole thing completely covered in powder, then you can wipe away all the excess powder and cleanup. Next, we are going to show you how to do effects with make-up and manipulated face so that he looks a little bit more weathered and scurvy for a pirate face.