Costume Makeup – Creating the Eyes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Makeup artist Emily Bodak demonstrates how to add eye-effects to a cat costume.

    Emily Bodak

    Hi, I'm Emily! Costume and character makeup are awesome, you can become your most favourite things! Don't hold back, imagination is where it's at!

    Emily : Hi, this is Emily at Masters Costumes in Arlington, Virginia and today I am doing a cat-face on Heather here. We used a very neutral pallet, lots of browns and gold on hands to compliment Heather s skin tone.

    Right now, what I am doing is, I am adding eye-effects. So, I have done this eye and I am going to show you how I went about manipulating the shape of the eye to be more like a cat s.

    So, since I am doing kind of a sparkly pallet right now, I am going to go with the lightest sparkly color that I can find which is kind of a diamondy color. We are actually going to do this a lot like, you probably do, your eye-makeup any where.

    To achieve the cat shape, we are going to start in the inner corner and we are actually going to put that highlight there in the inner corner, trying not to obliterate the shadow line that I was discussing earlier about making the bridge of the nose look wider.

    If anything, you can kind of bring that line down on the highlight and basically what you want to do is create kind of a point that later comes up like this. You are having kind of an almond shape. This is a very fantastic cat face, with very exaggerated features, so, you can make this as low key as you like to. You can even achieve this with just eye-liner, but right now we are doing, the white to really accentuate the kind of lion-look that we are going with this.

    Lions have a lot of white around their eyes. It will not be as necessary to blend this as it was the highlight and shadow because we do want a short contrast around the eyes; we really want the eyes to pop for a cat.

    The first thing that you think of, when you think of cat features is really stunning eye shape. I like to go up even past the brow line, once again, if you really want to accentuate the eyes, this is how you would do it, go up really high and then just continue underneath.

    Not that pulling it much lower isn t too necessary, you don t want it go down to the cheek bone, but you want that whole bottom lid to be of the whiter color.

    Then when you go to apply your eye-liner, you will notice that that s really going to pop. It s really going to make your eyes stand out. So, there are different materials you can use, as you could see, I was using a pallet with a brush, there is also these great products out there at your local theatre supply store which is going to be a cream makeup and a pencil, this is the same as the cream makeup I was using, it s just in pencil form.

    You will also have to powder this as well because it s behaving the exact same. So, if that s a little bit easier for you to do, to get a fine line, feel free to use a pencil. You can even go about tracing the design before you go to paint it on with a pencil, if that s going to be easier for you to have an outline to go by.

    Now, the white effects are really helpful, once again for highlight, I am just going to go ahead and make a line of the white highlight right across where I am going to begin the nose. Then we will blend it a little bit. That is how you do cat-eyes, we will be back in a second to do hair and spot and stripe techniques, for whatever kind of cat you are trying to achieve.