Costume Makeup – Homemade Prosthetic Part 2 Creating a Bruise

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Makeup artist Emily Bodak demonstrates how to apply homemade prosthetic liquid latex to create a bruise.

    Emily Bodak

    Hi, I'm Emily! Costume and character makeup are awesome, you can become your most favourite things! Don't hold back, imagination is where it's at!

    Emily: Hi I am Emily at Masters Costumes and today we are putting together a scurvy zombie pirate face and so far we have achieved a prosthetic beard using all prosthetics and what I am showing you right now is how to build a gore wound effect with liquid latex and tissue. So, right now our latex is pretty much dried, its not coming off on my fingers, when I touch it. Its okay if it so has little bit of color to it because if you remember we used toilet paper for this demonstration, single-ply toilet paper so thats going to have a color until you put make up over it.

    The good thing about it is you can apply make up over this but before we apply make up we are going to have use a castor sealer. Liquid latex, latex does create what could be referred to as a second skin but unlike normal skin, it doesnt have its own moisture supply, so, with the castor sealer, we are going to be giving it a moisture supply which will really help in the application of the make up afterwards.

    So, we go ahead and dab that on and I am pretty generous with it, you are going to wipe off the excess but in the mean time you do want it to be saturated. Now, you can let this set on there and sink in and moisturize for up to ten minutes. The results will be better but its really not necessary to let it set on there for more than just a couple of minutes. For the sake of this, we are just going to be dab it off a little bit, we will move right into the make up. Now I like to start with a pretty natural color just as a base for the effects to go on. Usually you want to match the persons skin tone as much as possible so do choose an effect that is close to the skin tone as possible, but once again, we are going to be making up over this, so just some thing to get it, not white, little bit more consistent with the skin tone. We are going to be making up all over this.

    If you are using a base with your pirate face, any type of base color, then go ahead and cover that with that, its a good place to start. Now thats a little bit closer to your skin tone and we can start adding bruise techniques. Now this is what is called as bruise wheel, it does come with all of the colors that you need to create a bruise. The main colors that you are going to need however is yellow for a skin deficiency, red for the blood and gore obviously and then this purple is going to create a stipple which will give the effect of busted capillaries.

    Its very important for any type of puncture or blunt force object wound, what I am using is a cream makeup which is going to give us the most amount of blend ability and I usually dont like to approach this, its the water base make up.

    So, the first color I am going to use is yellow. Once again, as a trauma is created in the skin, your body starts to force, all the three sources to it and then tend to healing. And that creates a efficiency in the skin around the wound so all around the wound even where you have not applied the latex, you are going to put the yellow color and if you notice a bruise, when you get a bruise, you will see, it will almost look like a sunflower, deep color in the centre with a yellow coming out and that is an actual skin deficiency.

    Its your bodys response to blunt force trauma. We will blend that all in with the base color there. Now, the center of the bruise can be achieved with either the red or the purple, lets go ahead and do a light purple for now and we are really just going to have very- very localized band.

    This is a lighter purple and we will go ahead and go into the middle with the deep purple, and see how I am just applying really strategic fingerprints and then when sets on, I put a big whole glob of red in the center and then take the clean finger or clean latex sponge and go right over that with the yellow as well and during this part, you will start to blend the colors together. You dont want to pull it out too far. We definitely dont want to pull it out beyond the yellow effects. And now, you have got an ugly bruise, but we are not going to stop there. So, now we blended these colors really well, what we are going to do next is we are going to actually rip this open and start to create a wound out of it, out of our false skin there.

    So, we go ahead and set the make up beforehand, so we wont obliterate the actual design, so you can use the same translucent powder that we used on a beard stipple, and just dab that on, pretty generously and do like to localized application and then brush off the excess. We are going to have lots off thick blood that we are going to add to this. So, thats going to be the main effect so long as we have a pretty bruised appearance that will be enough for this step.