Costume Makeup – How to Apply Pirate Makeup

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Makeup artist Emily Bodak demonstrates how to apply the best Pirate make up effects.

    Emily Bodak

    Hi, I'm Emily! Costume and character makeup are awesome, you can become your most favourite things! Don't hold back, imagination is where it's at!

    Emily: Hi, I am Emily. I am here at Masters Costumes and I am doing makeup demonstrations to show you, how to get the most of your Halloween costume using theatrical effects. I have been working at this location for five years now and in that time I have really gotten familiar with the different kinds of tools that makeup artists use to create the really effective techniques that you see in movies, plays, films. All of these things are achieved, through products that we sell here. So, I am going to introduce you to some of the products that we are going to use them to make a pirate face, we are going to go from having a clean shaven face to making it really weathered and scurvy and we are going to go to the next step and actually use some gore techniques creating our own prosthetics using liquid latex and tissue and then using bruise and bloody gore techniques to really make a very effective Zombie Pirate Face.

    So, lets get started.