Counseling For Eating Disorders

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Lauren Grant of The Hungry Heart provides tips on how to overcome an eating disorder.

    Lauren Grant: Hi! My name is Lauren Grant with the Hungry Heart, and today we'll discuss counseling for eating disorders. Meeting with an eating disorder counselor can be a very rewarding process, and learning that there is help and a way out of this cycle can be calming and freeing. So most people that are struggling with eating disorders would like to live a healthy life but also feed in the drama and the excitement that the eating disorder can bring to their day to day living.

    So even though our initial thought is, this isn't what I want for myself, we keep going back to this behavior because it's serving a need. It helps us block out uncomfortable thoughts and emotions that we may not know how to fix or make right. We create an obsessive energy by what we're eating or not eating, our body image and weight.

    What we have successfully done is block things that we don't have control over, and replace it with the obsession with food and whey. So even if we're not happy with the overeating, we think I know I can just start on another diet and we are often running again, looking for the next latest and greatest way to get this weight off our body. So this just feeds and perpetuates a cycle. So if you would like to break out of this cycle, look for counselor that you can connect with and feel comfortable sharing your feelings and emotions with. Someone that understands where you are, where you're looking to go and has no judgment about the struggle you are going through, and as preferably overcome their own issues with food, while allowing you to feel comfortable, opening up and truly sharing and allowing you to be successful at overcoming this addiction to food. You can find counselors, programs or organizations online that specialize working with clients in person, via Skype or phone counseling, that can help you overcome your battle with food.