Counseling For Emotional Eating

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Lauren Grant of The Hungry Heart discusses tips for overcoming emotional eating.

    Lauren Grant: Hi! My name is Lauren Grant with the Hungry Heart, and today I'll talk about what to expect when you meet with the counselor for emotional eating.

    Emotional eating stands from not developing patterns of how to approach food in a healthy manner. We turn to food when we're stressed, anxious, tired, overwhelmed, bored, happy, looking for reward or an escape from an uncomfortable thought or feeling. So we may have grown up in an unsuccessful family system, and may have not felt safe and sound in the world. So we've learned to turn to food to fill in an emotional worry, and unfortunately the food never fills that void, but we keep trying, and in order to be successful at overcoming emotional eating, we need to learn how to take care of ourselves in more productive ways.

    We learn how to identify our needs and meet them, and recognize that we can be our own best friend and give ourselves love and support unconditionally. So we can overcome emotional overeating, and find happiness and balance in our lives and it helps to have a strong support system. So look for a counselor program that specializes in working with the emotional overeating clients. Seek out counselors who have overcome their own issues with food and can empathize with the challenges you are facing. And whether you're working with the counselor face to face, via Skype or over the phone, you can overcome your struggle with the food. So the keys to working with the right professionals, there are counselors who will walk in your shoes and are their living proof that there is life on the other side of this struggle. If we can do this, then so can you.