Craft Beer: Deconstructing the Drink

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Julia Herz, Publisher from, deconstructs craft beer to understand all of the elements that make it the perfect drink.

    Julia Herz: Hi there! My name is Julia Herz of CraftBeer.

    com and today I am very excited to overview and deconstruct the beautiful beverage of craft beer. Now there are five main areas that we normally look at when deconstructing the beverage. Ingredients, craft beer by the numbers, perception, enhancing the experience and be on the flavor.

    Ingredients include malt, hops, water, yeast and carbonation. Together these elements are the base and sole of any craft beer. Beyond that some of the hundred plus craft beer styles also offer additional fermentable including fruit, barrel aging, wild fermentation and more. It's good to know craft beer by the numbers. Some helpful references include SRM indicating a craft beer's color, that can range from pale all the way to black.

    IBU or International Bitterness Units is the measurement of hop bitterness ranging from zero to more than a hundred and ABV is Alcohol By Volume with the average craft beer style being 5.

    9%, this number is always good to be aware of.

    Perception is also very important. What we perceive through our senses includes things like aroma, appearance, flavor and mouth feel and the more you dial in to what you perceive the more your appreciation will be enhanced.

    Speaking of enhancing the experience you should enjoy your craft beer out of the glass. Drinking craft beer from the bottle is like watching a 3D movie without the special glasses. Also when you enjoy your craft beer out of the glass you feel up less from carbonation and get the full flavor an aroma offered from your beers.

    The final area is something we referred to as beyond the flavor that include things like beer and health and also severing the flavor responsibly. Beyond just boosting morale craft beer can aid in good health. Beer contains more nutrients than wine offers a range of antioxidants, it is a very rich source of silicon which can prevent osteoporosis, it can even reduce your risk of stroke and diabetes.

    There are thousands of small independent brewers who make craft beer in the U.


    ; that can be enjoyed at the multitude of tap rooms and brew pubs. So cheers!