Crazy Exercise Trends To Modify & Try

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness expert John Basedow discusses some fad exercises that may not be practical, but can add some benefit to your workout.

    John Basedow: There are countless miracle exercise trends out there and most of the time they seem too good to be true. I've found a few less extreme schools of thought and adapted them for the average exercise enthusiast.

    Extreme body builders wear a weighted vest or pulls up sixty pounds to get a better workout. If you feel like the same old exercises just aren't cutting it, go for wrist or ankle weights or wear a heavy sweatshirt instead. The increased weight will cause a metabolic surge and boost your workout without the crazy vest.

    Some people sit for twenty to thirty minutes a day in a bath of ice water to practice cold water immersion therapy. Instead take to the pool and get into swim while you let the water do it's magic. The temperature of the pool water will induce shivering that increases your body's natural fat burning capabilities.

    Gymnasts and acrobats perform gravity defying feats of strength, but the training is a lot simpler than you think. Body weight exercises are a great option for gym haters and the extra-busy. Push ups, wall sits, crunches and squats thrusts can be accomplished anywhere and no equipment is required.

    Take just 10 minutes, three times a day to get in a good workout in less time than it takes to make dinner. Try one or all of these simple tricks to keep your workout from becoming boring without resorting to the extreme.