Create a New Garden Bed Without Digging

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, Kathy Jentz, Editor/Publisher of Washington Gardener Magazine, demonstrates how to winterize a vegetable garden including how to create a new garden bed without digging.

    Kathy Jentz: I am Kathy Jentz, I am showing you how to winterize your vegetable garden and we are going to go ahead and create a new bed so we can plant in it early next spring. You would think we need to shovel to create the bed but you are wrong, we will just put the shovel aside and we need to clear out a space hopefully in a nice sunny area of your garden and we are going to show you how to do layer or Lasagna Gardening.

    So your first layer to your Lasagna is newspaper. So you are going want to lay it fairly thick and make sure not to leave any gaps between the sections because that's where the weeds will pop up through. So we are going to do a big area here, I would recommend at least 10-20 sheets thickness. If you are doing this on a windy day you would like to have some rocks nearby just to place them really quickly or some bricks and what I like to do is have the hose already on and ready so I can wet it down and that's just to keep it from flying away.

    Your next layer in your Lasagna garden can be compost, straw, hay, any organic materials. Grass clippings from your lawn, vegetable cuttings from your kitchen, anything that would decay. Now, your third layer, you are going to want to use a nice mulch. So this can be pine fines or Leafgro, just something nice and thick that will hold everything down for the winter. So, it's just like making a layer cake or a Lasagna and you can spread that out and what will happen here is that underneath the newspaper will decay and within three months you will have beautiful loamy soil underneath the planting. Now if you are an impatient gardener and you want to go ahead and sow some winter crops, you can just cut a hole using a trowel into your layers, plant right in there, fill back in and you have an instant garden. In our next segment I will show you how to clean and store your garden tools for the winter.