Create a Sexy Smokey Eyes Look

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional make-up artist Tu-Anh shows how to create a simple but sexy smokey eye look.

    Tuanh: Hi there! My name is Tuanh and I'm going to show you how to create smoky eyes. I'm sure that you have already chosen a shadow base color that is the same match as your skin tone and a shadow brush and Oliver eye shadow brush like this.

    So what I'm doing right now is, I'm applying basically it's an eye powder color and it's a same color as Christina's skin tone and then basically just sets the shadow, so when we start to put the colors on, it actually will stay on. I have already chosen a really beautiful midnight blue eye shadow color. I'm going to start lightly applying on the corner, starting from the half of the lid and going a little bit over the crease. If you want something very dramatic, you can even go darker.

    This is the eye contour brush, same color and I'm going to go right above the lash line, I'm going to make it a little bit more intense, and then I'm going to do the other side, right above the lid along the lash lines. And the next step I'm going to do is I'm actually going to apply it a little bit underneath. We got to create this smudgy, smoky version, so you're going to use the same brush.

    I'm going to go back to my Oliver eye shadow brush, I am going to even it out, I'm going to smudge it a little bit starting from the middle and out.

    And now I'm going to show you how to highlight underneath your brows. I assume that you have already chosen a highlighter color. As long as it has some shimmer and it's light, you should be fine and the other thing you will need is an Oliver eye shadow brush again. And I'm just going to dot a little bit on my hand here, so it doesn't come on too much, go right underneath the brows as you can start to see it coming out right now. And you're also going to put a little bit of this color on the lid, I have already chosen a black cream eye shadow and this is actually a concealer brush, this will do a much better job than the actual eyeliner brush itself.

    I spray just a little bit of water into the cream eye shadow, just to make it a little wetter and I'm just going to color the roots of your lashes right underneath here because if we don't do that, we can actually see how the lashes separate after we put mascara on.

    I'm going to apply on the top very lightly and this is a charcoal or a dark gray or you can even use black if you want to, eyeliner, and we're going to put it at the bottom of the crease to hide the red line and really the last step all we have to do is mascara and you should be all set and that is how you create the smoky eyes look.