Creating a Natural Daytime Look that Transitions into Evening

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional make up artist James Cornwell demonstrates how to create a natural daytime makeup look that will transition into the evening.

    James Cornwell: Hey there! I am James Cornwell and I am here at the PRatPartners in Mazza Gallerie and today, I am going to show you how to create a natural daytime makeup look that will transition into the evening. In this video clip collection, we are going to start with a proper application of foundation, concealer, and your translucent powder. We will also be showing you proper application of eyeshadow and liner and also how to create a soft day look on your eyes. We will then show you cheeks and lips and the proper placement of your cheek color and also how to apply the liner properly.

    And then finishing up the looks, we will show you how to enhance the brows and work with the natural shape of the brow for your face. Finishing it off, we will show you how to take your day look and transition it into a sexy evening look. For proper application of foundation and concealer, the tools that you will need are a foundation brush with concealer, a concealer brush to keep it smooth, but using your fingers, you can also get into the crevices of the eyes, so it make a easier application for you. You will then also need a powder brush for applying your finishing powder to set and allow the foundation to last all day.

    Sanitation is very important when it comes to makeup application. You want to make sure your hands are always clean, that your tools are always clean. You definitely want to clean your brushes at least once a week. Having a little hand sanitizer near your station, it is fantastic. It will help keep your brushes clean, your hands clean and also, it is a great tool to use for your pencils. You can just put a little sanitation on the pencils and you won't have to worry about anything or problems with the eyes. Also, a sharpener for your pencils, lips and eyes are very important to use that because that is the best way to sanitize. It gets everything off of that pencil before you use it again.

    I am a key makeup artist and hair-stylist for PRatPartners and also Pretty Makeup by PRatPartners. I also own a photography business that we shoot a lot of the Washington area DC fashion editorials. I am a art director and also a key session stylist for PRatPartners for the DC area working on your local celebrities. I also work on celebrities from New York and LA. So let's get started.