Creating a Pressed Flower Frame-Under Photo

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Floral decor experts Mary Beth Lopresti and Theresa Hambleton creating a pressed Flower Frame-Under Photo.

    Mary Beth Lopresti: Hi! I am Mary Beth Lopresti and today we are showing you how to press flowers. Right now I am going to show you how to make a Beautiful Scrapbook Page using pink pressed rose petals. We first begin with a scrapbook page and a photo. This is a 7?

    7 page and what I am going to do initially is crop this picture a little bit, there is little too much background playgroup and not enough focus on the beautiful baby in the photo. Now that I have cropped the photo, what I will do is I am going to have the photo be centered on the page, so I want to turn the photo over and just trace with the pencil a line around the edge of the photo and I will use this line as my guide, putting the pressed flowers onto the page. We want to first begin by using our pressed flowers. I find it very helpful when I am working on a project like this to organize my flowers prior to beginning and it just makes it a lot easier when I am going to work with them. So I have separated the flowers out to the smaller petals, the larger and these very large petals, I had actually cut in half because we just need the narrow rounded pretty side, so we will be able to use it like that so there is no sense in using a whole petal when we can use half. So I am going to begin by putting a small line of glue along the edge and when working with press flowers, you really don't need much so, actually that's a little too much. So I am just going to use my finger and send it along because we just need the flower petals to stick.

    So I am going to take a small petal and put it in the corner. It's always good to begin in the corners and that will help set the size of the frame. When working with rose petals, it's good to look at both sides of the petal to be able to see which side you would consider the front or the back and which side is the better side that you want to have showing in your floral art or in your scrapbook. So now I have done the corners, then I will continue along, it's good to put the next flower petal in as the center flower, so that you have a straight line. In a scrapbook page of this size, it's not as important as doing the larger one but you don't want your line of your frame to go off angle. So by going into the middle, I know that I am keeping things lined properly.

    And then we will just continue to layer the flowers. In this case, I am going to start putting some glue on the backs of the flowers, laying them down, again that's the back side, that's the top side. And this is hiding the line that I have drawn and making a pretty layered frame to go behind the photo. So now you can take a look, see, and you like that. It's pretty or if you like you can certainly apply, there I can see the writing a little bit through there. So I think I would like to add another layer of petals, going around. So now we let the petals dry and once they have dried, we can put our picture on our scrapbook page. Here we go, and then simply take our tape runner, put some adhesive on the back of the photo, center it. In order to be sure that, the flowers petals and the picture are on the page, and we will, at here, we want to put a piece of clean cardstock on top and just rub it, just to be sure that the picture has attached properly to the petals. We always want to use a page protector when scarpbooking and specially when working with pressed flowers, it's a wonderful way to protect them from people touching them and when the pages are opening and closing just the lightest breeze can cause damage to the flowers. So what we do is, keep the cardstock on top, slide the scrapbook page into the page protector and then simply pull out piece of cardstock and there we have our completed scrapbook page.

    We hope, you've enjoyed watching and learning about pressing flowers and just some of the possibilities of what you can create with your own pressed flowers.