Creating the Pattern of the Christmas Tree Skirt

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Beth Bates, an interior seamstress with SewTeacher, shows you how to create the pattern of the custom Christmas tree skirt

    Beth Bates: Hi, I am Beth Bates, an interior seamstress with the company SewTeacher. Today, I am going to show you how to make a custom Christmas tree skirt. In this clip, we will be using our lining, a yard-and-a-half to make the pattern for our Christmas tree skirt. I need for you to take your lining, line the edges up. If you have a table edge, this is perfect, it will help you get it nice and even, like this and then take it and fold it again. This is sort of like making a paper snowflake, if you will. Fold the paper, so our piece of lining that is a yard-and-a-half is now folded over into four squares. We need to take, lineup against your table, you have a fold here and the twofold here and then the four single edges are here. You need to make sure you do that, so you do not end up with a bunch of pieces. Okay next we are going to go ahead and take our flexible measuring tape and we are going to form a giant compass here, right in the corner.

    Now I am going to stick this with a straight pin, but if you like you can use a piece of household string and maybe have somebody hold it for you, like so and we are just going to go ahead, line it up here and let us see, which edge is smaller. Okay and then just mark it and note I am putting little dashes. I am using the number 26, but if you are using a piece of household string, just the end of your string and I am just marking little dashes, like such all the way round.

    Okay, now take your scissors and we are going to connect the dashes. It is like connecting the dots. Cut nice and straight. Okay, and when we open it up, we should have a big circle and this will be our pattern for the Christmas tree skirt. In the next clip, we will lineup our face fabric, pin it together and cut it out.