Creating Zones for Children’s Toys

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Organization expert Janet Schiesl discusses how to create zones for storing your children’s toys.

    Janet Schiesl: Hi, my name is Janet Schiesl from Basic Organization. We are talking today about organizing toys. Now that you have determined the location of your toys within your home, I would like to talk about sorting them into zones. This is the same organizing procedure that you would use in the rest of your house such as in your kitchen, you have a zone for dishes and glasses and then another zone for pots and pans. Also, in your bedroom, you have a specific area where you store T-shirts and then another area where you would hang hanging clothing. You want to do the same thing with your toys. A great example of this is any preschool or kindergarten classroom. Every teacher knows that this is a way that it works for children. So you should use it in your home. Some suggested zones are maybe a playhouse area where your girls can have a play kitchen and baby furniture. Also, a building block area where you can have storage with different types of blocks like Lincoln Logs or Legos. Another great area is an area where your family can play board games and that's where you would store the board games. You might want to have a quiet area where you provide books and say puzzles or any other quiet toy for your children and then again, you might want a family area where you store your board games and where the whole family has a base to participate. After you have sorted into zones, next we are going to talk about different storage options for your toys.