Creative Ways to Cut Everyday Costs

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Sarah Toffoli with Wells Fargo and Company discusses creative ways to save on food and other everyday costs.

    Sarah Toffoli: Hi! I'm Sarah with Wells Fargo and Company. Today we're discussing creative ways to save on food and other everyday costs.

    There are many ways to get something you want at a lower cost or even for free. For example, if there's a concert that you really want to attend but you can't afford the ticket price, you could consider volunteering to usher at the concert, or you might get some friends together in order to qualify for a volume or group discount.

    Instead of buying a subscription to the daily newspaper and your favorite magazines, you should share the magazine subscriptions with a friend, and get your neighbor's newspaper when they're done reading it, or you could simply read the newspaper or magazine online, or make a trip to the library.

    When it comes to your food bill, there is usually a lot of room to save money. Bringing a lunch to work can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year. If you spend $10 on lunch each day, that amounts to roughly $2,500 per year with some vacation time included. Bringing a lunch three days a week saves you $1,500 a year.

    At grocery stores, there are sales going on every week and you can get coupons and rebates as well. Remember to always shop for value and never go to the grocery store when you're hungry, as this can cause you to buy more than you planned.

    You may also be eligible for discounts if you have a valid student, military, or insurance ID, or other organizational memberships. Some stores and businesses offer their employees a special discount on merchandise.

    Consider working a seasonal job so you can make more money and save at the same time. Research the benefits and ask stores what cards they honor for discounts. Some grocery and drug stores offer special savings cards for customers.

    As with any purchase you make, you should shop wisely when going to the grocery store. Make a shopping list, buy bulk items when possible and take advantage of the weekly sales and discounts. You'll be surprised at all the savings and how much more you can get out of your hard-earned money.