Crochet V-Stitches

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fiber craft expert Amy O’Neil Houck demonstrates how to crochet V-stitches.

    Amy O'Neill Houck: Hello, I am Amy O'Neill Houck from AOH Designs and am here at A Tangled Skein, a yarn store in Hyattsville, Maryland and we are crocheting beyond the basics. Right now I am going to show you about crocheted V stitches. V stitches are essentially two double crochets worked into the same stitch or space and they can be used to create tape texture and laciness. For instance, in this crocheted shawl, I used V stitches that I alternated and offset and they created a nice triangular texture there and in the sleeve of this sweater is crocheted with V stitches worked in the round and they look completely different, but they again they give a nice lacy effect. Then lastly in this little shawl right here I used treble crocheted V stitches that are stacked right one on top of the other and that's what we are going to be doing today, with double crochets we are going to be stacking some V stitches to create a nice, lacy texture. So because we are working in double crochet, we are going to start with the chain three and the swatch that I am making has a chain three at the beginning a single double crochet at the end of the row and in between, we have a multiple of two stitches. So if you are setting out to try this little swatch you will want a multiple of two stitches and with chain three and then I am going to skip two stitches and double crochet twice in the next stitch. With the chain one in between so it's double crochet, chain one, double crochet and in your set up row you are going to do that, you are going to skip a stitch, double crochet, chain one and then double crochet in the next stitch. Once you have got a row of V stitches, you don't have to count anymore because you can just work your next V stitch in the space where you created the last one. We call this the chain space, the space left by making that chain one in between the stitches.

    There you have crocheted V stitches. You can actually have a lot of variations on this, you can leave out the chain in between or you can put more chains in between to make a different look of the stitch. You could actually put more stitches in too. For instance, you could do two double crochet and then chain one and two double crochet. That would also be called a V stitch, it's just a different look and if you are working a pattern, the pattern will tell you how to make a particular V stitch, but if you are just crocheting a shawl or something on your own, then you can experiment and come up what you like. So that's how you make crocheted V stitches. Next up we are going to be crocheting in the round starting with the Foundation Chain.