Crocheted Ribbing: Attaching the Ribbing

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fiber craft expert Amy O’Neil Houck demonstrates crocheted ribbing and show how to attach the ribbing.

    Amy O'Neill Houck: Hello, I am Amy O'Neill Houck from AOH Designs and I am here at A Tangled Skein, a yarn store in Hyattsville, Maryland and we are looking at crochet beyond the basics. Today I am going to show you how to work a single crocheted rib attached as you go to a piece of crochet fabric. Now here I have a nice, little, lacy piece of fabric and if this were to say, the body of a sweater I might want to attach a ribbed hem to it. So what I would do is chain the length that I wanted the hem to be. We will do five stitches, one-two-three-four-five. Actually, I am going to do six so that I have one more from my turning chain, so you will do the length plus one and then I am going to single crochet back down the chain I just made.

    Now here is where I am going to attach the ribbing to the fabric. You can see that I have the last row stitches that I worked on the body of this swatch and to attach the ribbing to the fabric I am going to work a slip stitch in the next stitch of the swatch and that attaches it and then I am going to work another slip stitch and that serves as my turning chain. So remember, each time we go up and down the ribbing we are creating two rows and that's why we put two slip stitches into the body of the fabric. Now I am going to skip those two slip stitches that I just made and single crochet in the back loop, up the five stitches of the ribbing. Chain one and turn and single crochet in the back loop, back down the ribbing.

    So now I am at the fabric side again and you can see, you want to check to make sure you don't work into stitch you already did, so I can see that I have got a slip stitch in this stitch here. So I am going to slip stitch in the next one and the one following after that and then I would turn and go back up and down and you would continue in that manner until you have got all the way across the piece that you are working the ribbing onto. If for instance, you are working a cuff of a sleeve like I did here when you finished going all the way around, you could hold the two pieces of the crocheted fabric together and the single crochet them together to join them or you could sew them up and that would close a round of ribbing. So that's attaching crocheted ribbing in single crochet back loop as you go. Next we are going to look at ribbing with Post Stitches when crocheting.