Curiosity Finds Lake Fossils

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fossils recently found by NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover suggest an ancient lake that contained minerals and chemicals that could have possibly supported the evolution of life.

    NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover may have discovered fossil remains of a lake inside Gale Crater and that lake may have existed long enough for life to have evolved.  The lake was comparable in size to New York’s Finger Lakes and contained chemical and mineral conditions needed to support microbial life.  And it had just the right salinity to support living organisms!  But let’s not get ahead ourselves, NASA stressed that the lake had the right conditions to support life but that does not necessarily prove that there was life for a fact.  But they did say that “this is a huge positive step for the exploration of Mars.”  And the next phase of the mission “could hold the key to whether life did exist on the red planet.”