Cuts of Beef from the Rib

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Victor Albisu discusses cuts of beef from the rib.

    Victor Albisu: Hi, I am Victor Albisu, Chef de Cuisine at BLT Steak in Washington, DC and today, we are talking about beef basics. More specifically, we are talking about the rib eye which we cut from the actual rib of the steer. The rib eye is one of the most popular cuts of meat, I think not just in our restaurant, but across the country. The way we serve it here is with the bone in because it intensifies the flavor. When you cook any piece of meat on the bone, it will intensify the flavor. The reason that rib eye is such a popular piece of meat is because of its flavor. The amount of fat as you can see marbled throughout the rib eye and pockets of fat that you see here, that's what is expected of a rib eye. Rib eye is a fatty piece of meat and the fat feeds the flavor basically. The fat also gives you tenderness but it is a well-balanced piece of meat. People love it for that and it is served in all kinds of different ways. Here at the restaurant, we also serve it without the cap which you will see right here and we serve just the eye off the bone obviously, and the cap can be rolled out, sliced and grilled on its own. The rib eye is one of the most popular cuts of beef served, not only in my restaurant, but in steakhouses across the country. Next, we will be talking about the short loin and the sirloin.