Cuts of Meat from the Short Loin

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Victor Albisu discusses cuts of meat from the short loin.

    Victor Albisu: Hi, I am victor Albisu, Chef de Cuisine at BLT Steak. Today, we are talking about beef basics, more specifically, cuts from the short loin. Here in front of me we have three different cuts of New York strip. One is a bone-in New York strip as you can see its cut on the bone, one is a New York strip, a 16 ounce New York strip that we tie before cooking and here we have the Japanese Wagyu Kobe style New York strip. As we talked about before, the marbelization in meat gives it its flavor and also its tenderness. Now here we have certified Black Angus cuts and this is the Japanese cut. Now you will notice that this is vastly more marbleized than either of these two. The Wagyu cattle or the Japanese cattle from Kobe, Japan has a specific diet, but not only does the diet affect its marbelization and its flavor, but it is actually, a phenomenon of the actual steer in Japan. Now they are fed Saki in beer and these steers are massaged constantly until adulthood. So you will see that, you can almost imagine how that affects the distribution of fat throughout the meat. Now here domestically, the certified Black Angus which is a cattle that comes from Scotland is a very flavorful, wonderful steak as well. But you will see that the marbelization is less, but then again, nothing is quite that marbled other than the actual Kobe.

    Now talking about the New York strip steak cut, being cut from the short loin, it does very little work. So the tenderness of the actual muscle is very high. It's a very popular steak because it is not only tender, but it is flavorful because it does have a good amount of fat and it is considered a very balanced steak because of that. It is tender, it is flavorful and that's why it's one of the more popular steaks. Now this is a bone-in, double-cut New York strip and anything that you are going to cook on the bone as we talked about with the rib eye is always going to be that much more flavorful. This one, you have to cook a little bit differently, cook it a little longer, maybe cook it in the oven for a little while as well, whereas this one, you can probably cook it all the way on a grill. But these are the three major cuts from the short loin. In the short loin as well, there is a beef tenderloin that cuts between the short loin and the sirloin and we will be talking about that in our next segment.