Cutting and Gutting the Specialty Pumpkin

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Gardening expert Cary Nalls demonstrates how to carve pumpkins, including how to cut and gut a specialty pumpkin.

    I am Carrey Nalls; I am at Nalls Produce in Franconia, Virginia. Today we are carving Jack-O'-Lantern. We have made the first one here, that s a traditional one. Now, we are going to make one, its a little bit different. I have picked out the pumpkin. I have got my tools and we are going to go to work. The first thing we ve got to do is clean the pumpkin out just like any other Jack-O'-Lantern and first thing will do is take the top off of the pumpkin to open it up. The top is off, now, with this pumpkin here, I saved the top, I used it back, this time I am going to throw it away, I won t use that again. You can see rather the inside of the pumpkin, it s just -- this is what a pumpkin looks like inside. We have to clean it up. The easiest way that I found is just take your hands and go and get, there are different tools that are sold that people use for this or a big spoon that s somewhat flat, you can use that. I found just the easiest way is just go ahead and get in there and clean it out. If the surface of the pumpkin is dirty and dull looking, if you just take your hand where you have cleaned, used your hand and it s wet from the inside of the pumpkin, rub it over the pumpkin. Just take a paper towel and wipe it off, it gives a pumpkin a nice clean shiny look for you to go to work with. Now that we have got the pumpkin cleaned out, we are ready to go to work as far as putting it together to make this a Jack-O'-Lantern.