Cutting & Cleaning the Skull Pumpkin

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tom Nardone from shows you how to draw the design and carve your pumpkin to create a skull design.

    Tom Nardone: Hi! I'm Tom from ExtremePumpkins.

    com. We are going to turn this pear-shaped pumpkin into a skull. So let's look at how we're going to do that. First, we turn it upside down, so it looks more like a skull, and this is going to be where the face is. I don't want to disturb the top or the bottom of this pumpkin.

    I'm actually going to cut a big hole in the back here and take the seeds out in that area. So I'm using my drywall saw, which is a tool that electricians use to put outlet holes in drywall. I'm going to cut a big hole in the back of this pumpkin's head. See this little jog I put in there, that will help me put the plug back in the right spot every time. Here we go.

    Now you can see, I'll be able to get in here with my ice-cream scoop and scoop out all of these seeds. Here is a tip for you, a lot of people like to carve a pumpkin, they'll scrape and then pull the seeds out, scrape and pull the seeds out. That's immature all the way, here's how the pros do it. They scrape down everything it wants, have this big ball of seeds and goop in there, but it doesn't bother me, I'm making sure, I scrape all the sides of the walls. Then, take it out once, and I dump it into the trashcan, one shot. See, all cleaned.

    Also, just for good measure, I'm going to scrape the inside of this thing too, to get all that fibrous material out. Just makes it easier to carve, I'm not actually sure we're going to do anything with this piece, but, it can hurt. There we go. We've got a gutted pumpkin. In our next clip, we're going to draw a face on it and we're going to carve it.