Cutting & Gutting the Pumpkin

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Champion pumpkin carver Tom Nardone demonstrates cutting & gutting the pumpkin.

    Tom Nardone: Hi! I am Tom from extremepumpkins.

    com. We are carving a basic Jack-o-lantern today. Right now, we are going to decapitate it, that's the term I use for cutting the top off and gunking out the seeds. So we are using my electrician's drywall saw or just a drywall saw, because it is the easiest way to do things and that's how I like to do it. So I am just going to jab this sucker in, and if you notice I am just kind of jabbing it in into the angle this way, not like that. And what that does is it makes it so that the plug will pull right out. As I cut, I cut all the way around but I am not going to make a circle, I am going to make like a little jog in here or chicane or whoop-de-doo. And what that will do is that will allow me to figure out which way the top of the pumpkin goes back on. So it's pretty easy though just saw away. There is my little whoop-de-doo. Whoop-de-doo, it's done. I am just going to keep going around in the circle. I want to make the hole big enough that I get my hand in there and a scoop too. Because the bigger the hole, the easier the seeds are to get out. But on the other hand you don't want it intruding on your design on the face. Oh my gosh! There's pumpkin seeds in there. What to we do? Hey! How about I scoop them out?

    First you can scoop out - you can get them off the top with your saw like this, kind of saw them of of there. Next, I go in here and I just scrape around the edge. Now there's two schools of thought when it comes to scooping the goop. Me personally, I scrape it all off the size of the pumpkin. Let it fall into the middle and then dump into a trashcan. Immatures and I don't want to look like one, what they will do is, they try to take it out one scoop-ful a time, pull it out, put it in the trash. So take a tip from your buddy Tom from extremepumpkins.

    com, scoop it all down and then dump it all out at once. So what I am doing is I am using the edge of scoop right there and just scrape it against the walls of the pumpkin, just like this, scrape it all down. And there is also-- it's a stuff in here, it's not just seeds. If you have never carved a pumpkin before, it's all this pulp and seeds and everything. Of course you can roast these pumpkins seeds, they are actually really tasty. I am sure that's another how-to video at some point, but for now we will just scoop them down so we can finish our carving. What this does is it makes the front of the pumpkin easy to carve because when you are cutting the pieces out, they are not stuck to anything. The other thing it does is it keeps all the squirrels and stuff like that away from your pumpkin because they really are only interested in the seeds. So if you take the seeds out, they won't be as interested in the pumpkin.

    So there you go. Looks like it's pretty well scraped. Alright, let's see if I did my job and got it all out of there in one shot. Up into the trash. I did it. It's just a few seeds left. We will pick those out by hand. But now we have got it cleaned out gutted pumpkin, and also because of our little whoop-de-doo, I know exactly how the top fits on there. In the next clip, we are going to cut the face off. We will design it and then cut it out, make it a Jack-o-lantern.