Daily Orbit – 360 Degrees of Mercury

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    2-19-13: On this episode of the Daily Orbit, the first 360 degree view of Mercury is created, a piece of moon rock points to a watery past, and television could be making your kids aggressive.

    Emerald Robinson: What hot planet has a hot new look? What has surfaced about the formation of the lunar surface? And why are kids so mean nowadays? All that and more coming up on the Daily Orbit!

    Hello and welcome to the Daily Orbit. I'm Emerald Robinson. Well, like the models in Victoria's Secret who get a little help with Photoshop, Not that they're not actually perfect; Mercury got a little digital enhancing as well thanks to the Messenger probe. Mercury appears to be a no-fun brownish-gray color when viewed from Earth, but this new image gives the planet a whole new look - taken with eight different color filters in order to enhance the actual variations in color that are linked to the composition and materials on the planet's surface. Eighty-eight thousand images were taken to create the first ever 360 degree view of Mercury. So in honor of Mercury's new look, we did a little digital enhancing to one of my photos.

    And from Mercury's pretty picture to a new picture on the formation of the moon - scientists have found traces of water from a lunar sample. Brought back during the Apollo 15 mission, the sample known as 'Genesis Rock," is a piece of the moon's primordial crust. And no it's not liquid water, but hydroxyl groups in the crystalline structure of the sample that suggests an early wet moon and that the water was not lost during the moon's formation. And having water on the moon is a must if we were ever to try and colonize the surface. So I'd like to do a water toast in honor of well water on the Moon. Cheers!

    Anyone else noticed that kids are just kinda mean today? I had one just try to take my cell phone out of my hand. A new study says that certain TV programming is making kids meaner. Researchers found that kids who watched more television were more likely to be antisocial, and even sometimes end up with a criminal conviction of some sort. Also there was an increased tendency to develop negative personality traits, antisocial disorders, and even a pattern of aggressive behavior.

    But scientists say it might have more to do with what your kids are watching than the time spent in front of the screen. Another study that had parents change programming from aggressive shows to more positive content showed a significant improvement in behavior in children after 6 months.

    Well let's move on to a more positive story. An unnamed 20-something man in Italy is soon to be fitted with a bionic hand that is capable of feeling just like the organic limb it replaces. The new bionic hand allows signals to rush back and forth between the prosthetic and the nerves creating more realistic and quicker sensations.

    Electrodes are clipped to two main nerves in the arm to facilitate communication between the hand and nervous system. This hand will be able to deliver the sense of touch from all over the hand-palm to fingertips. If this test goes well, they hope to have a full working model within the next two years. Well, that is very inspiring.

    Well it seems like we're always bringing you stories of the perils of Facebook, but here's a point in the pro column for the social networking site. Turns out the 65 plus crowd may get an intellectual boost if they learn to use Facebook. Researchers taught 14 senior citizens to use the program and after eight weeks, results showed a 25% increase in cognitive abilities indicating a plausible link between social connectedness and cognitive performance. So get your Granny a Facebook profile - no you don't have to friend her.

    And that's it for today's Daily Orbit! We'll see you tomorrow!

    How do I put my bikini photo on the Facebook?

    All right grandma I'm coming. I am coming.