Daily Orbit – Elevator to the Moon

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    8-29-12: In this episode of the Daily Orbit, a Kickstarter campaign is on to raise money for a space elevator, women might have the key to happiness, and NASA beams music home from the surface of Mars.

    Emerald Robinson: Which floor? Oh! The moon. Sure. It just might happen in the future.

    Do women have a happiness gene? And yet another message from Mars. Lots of space, a little happiness and a lot more in today's Daily Orbit.

    Hi! I am Emerald Robinson, welcome to the Daily Orbit. The team at LiftPort Group says they can build a moon-based cable-driven lift or a space elevator using robots and nanotubes. A recent crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter has re-launched their dream which was started in 2003. The LiftPort Group says that the technology to build a lift from the moon is readily available and can be accomplished in under eight years. A rocket will be launched from earth to shuttle passengers and cargo to the end of the flowing ribbon where a robot will carry the payload down to the lunar surface.

    And nothing makes a woman happier than some great jeans. Oh, no! I mean genes, G-E-N-E-S. A new study from the University of South Florida, NIH, Columbia University and New York Psychiatric Institute has found a gene that appears to make women happy. Yet it doesn't have the same effect on men.

    The study finds that the low expression form of the gene monoaminoxidase A is associated with higher self-reported happiness in women. The gene allows greater amounts of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine to stay in the brain and boost mood. Scientists say this finding may help explain some important gender differences.

    Well, I feel a whole lot happier already just knowing that.

    Well then here is the shocker. Adolescent marijuana use affects brain development. Researchers recently found the persistent use of marijuana before the age of 18 has a lasting effect on an individual's attention span and memory. The study conducted over a 40-year period found that those who began smoking as children and continued consistent use for years afterward had an average drop of eight points in IQ between the ages of 13 and 38. Participants who didn't start using marijuana until after adulthood did not show the same mental decline. Researchers believe that quitting after childhood use of the drug does not reverse the effect.


    Anyway, continuing with science news. First it was Charles Bolden, now it's will.


    am. Yesterday curiosity sent back another first to earth. Musician will.


    am's song 'Reach for the Stars' was played at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Tuesday afternoon, after being beamed back from the Red Planet.

    [Song]Oh! They look so happy dancing. The song, the first ever to be heard from another planet was written especially for the inaugural event by will.


    am. You know, maybe will.


    am could do the first space concert on the moon when the space elevator is finished, right?



    am in space, now astronauts in caves. What's the world coming to? An international crew of astronauts will be searching for life, not in space, but here in the dark caves of earth. The Cooperative Adventure for Valuing and Exercising Human Behavior and Performance Skills or CAVES for short will be training astronauts explore uncharted areas of our own planet by using space procedures.

    The cavenauts, as they have been nicknamed, will be spelunking caves on Sardinia Island in Italy in search of new life forms and testing new equipment. Spelunking, huh, I just like saying that word.

    That's it for today at Daily Orbit, and remember just like NASA, I am a space master.