Daily Orbit – Resurrecting a Mammoth

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    5-30-13: On this episode of the Daily Orbit, scientists find the body of a mammoth in Siberia, a new telescope might be headed to the lunar surface, and a cure for Type II Diabetes could be on the way.

    Emerald Robinson: Could we soon bring the past back to life?

    Is probiotic not pro-brainiac?

    Finding a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.

    And what's "kicking" in citizen science! On the Daily Orbit!

    Hello and welcome to the Daily Orbit. I'm Emerald Robinson.

    Riddle me this: What are we not responsible for its death and are closer to bringing back to life? If you said the woolly mammo, you are correct! Russian scientists discovered a 10,000 to 15,000 year old female Siberian woolly mammoth carcass with flowing blood and some soft tissues.

    They now think mammoth blood must have some cryo-protective properties to be in its liquid form during the 14 degree-Fahrenheit excavation. This find could be huge in the effort to "de-extinct" the woolly mammoth. That would be like "Frankenmammoth.

    ""I see the moon and the moon sees me and soon I can see from the moon!

    " Sort of anyway. The company Moon Express plans to deliver the world's first private telescope to the moon in 2015. Get excited citizen scientists everywhere, because it's International Lunar Observatory precursor, is part of Moon Express's plan to provide access to a high-performance telescope open to not only pro scientists but amateurs and the public.

    They are not as sophisticated as the Earth-orbiting Hubble telescope; it will provide images of the lunar surface, the Earth, the Milky Way and beyond! It will deliver deep space images of objects both inside and outside our galaxy. Moon Express is vying for the Google Lunar X Prize of $20 million for the first privately funded team to land a robot on the moon. Good luck!

    And it's citizen science on the move! Yet another company is looking to provide more public access to space. The company best known for its asteroid mining ambitions, Planetary Resources, announced its Kickstarter campaign to launch the world's first crowdfunded space telescope. The goal? A million buck.

    The campaign is intended to engage the community "in cutting edge citizen science and discovery.

    " The company has geared the program towards students and will provide educational curriculum for students based on the telescope. I love what the company's co-founder Peter H. Diamandis had to say "let's go explore the cosmos together!

    " Yes, Let's Peter!

    Well! Jamie Lee Curtis doesn't mention brain function in her probiotic yogurt commercials that are on nearly every commercial break. Well, a new study showed that probiotic bacteria found in yogurt, alters brain function both during a resting state and in response to an emotion-recognition task. Women who didn't eat yogurt or ate yogurt without probiotics, showed greater activity and performance in sensory processing and emotion than the women who ate probiotic yogurt.

    Scientists have long known that brain signals can affect the gut, but this study showed that the "gut-brain connection is a two way street" bringing a whole new meaning to "gut feeling" or "you are what you eat.

    " They say more research needs to be done, but these findings have strong neurological, mental, and digestive implications. I guess you'll have to go with your gut on that one!

    Saying Type 1 diabetes is bad is nothing new, but saying it's worse than thought is no bueno. Scientists have discovered that Type 1 diabetes not only destroys insulin-producing cells, but also blood vessels that support them. But the good news, they've developed a potential cure that combines a drug they created with adult stems cells from bone marrow.

    This drug-stem cell combo, when injected into the pancreas, leads to the growth of new blood vessels that then facilitates the reproduction of new beta cells that produce insulin and stops the immune system attack. The team is now filing for a patent on this treatment method.

    Well, that does it for today's Daily Orbit. Hmmm.



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