Daily Orbit – Sleep Positions Affect Personality

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    10-22-12: On this episode of the Daily Orbit, the way you sleep might influence your personality, your BMI is linked to hospitalization, and a popular sunscreen brand recalls a product.

    Emerald Robinson: What might you be revealing in your sleep without saying a word?

    What bites harder than a great white shark?

    And whats fanning the flames in space exploration? Were on fire on todays Daily Orbit!

    Hi and welcome to the Daily Orbit! I am Emerald Robinson. Heres a new question for you to ask on your next date. A new study found that sleeping positions affect personality by determining how we feel when we wake up. People who sleep with arms stretched out in front typically wake up feeling refreshed and eager to start their day. Sleeping face down with arms outstretched indicates a feeling of being out of control and leaves these people feeling tired with no energy. Those who sleep with a straight body are stubborn, and will feel stiff in the morning. And the most popular sleeping style? The fetal position, 58% of people sleep on their side with their knees up and head down, which is no surprise considering it is associated with stress. These people can expect to a wake refreshed, having dull with the previous days issues. Im pretty sure Ive all of those positions at some point throughout the night. What does that say about me?

    As if we havent given you enough reasons to exercise and eat healthy, heres yet another one! A new study says that a high BMI increases a persons risk of being hospitalized. The study found that for every six to seven pounds of extra baggage a middle-aged person carries, their chance of being hospitalized goes up 4%. These findings mean that even those who are not technically considered to be obese are still at risk. But, the researchers suggest that if you are overweight or obese, even gradual decreases in weight are likely to lower your risk and will make a positive impact on your health.



    ! Oh its just a hammerhead, no biggie. After studying 13 shark species, scientists discovered that its not the Great White or the Hammerhead that has the most powerful bite, but the Bull shark. They found that a 9 foot long Bull shark has a bite force of 478 pounds and a Great White of the same size, bit in at 360 pounds in force. Why? Scientists arent sure, but say it may have to do with the bull sharks wide heads. Im pretty sure I dont want to be bitten by either.

    And if it wasnt bad enough to have to worry about a bull shark bite at the beach. Now you have to worry about bursting into flames! The popular sunscreen line, Banana Boat, announced that its sunscreen sprays may potentially ignite on the users skin, if they come into contact with a flame before the spray is completely dry. The company received four complaints of adverse effects caused by the sprays. They say the problem stems from the fact that the spray nozzle delivers more product than others, meaning it takes longer to dry. They have ordered retailers not to sell the sprays and have also notified the Food and Drug Administration. So if you still have some Banana Boat spray left from the summer, dont use it! Well, next to fire anyway.

    And speaking of fire, the recent discoveries of new planets are reigniting the fire for the search for alien life. Recently, weve brought you news of two new planet discoveries, PH1 and the still to be named, exoplanet found in the Alpha Centauri system. Over 800 exoplanets have been discovered since the early 90s, with many of them having Earth like traits. The high number of discoveries is making scientists believe that it is more likely extraterrestrial life will be found.

    Thats it for the Daily Orbit! Dont play with fire or you might just get burned!