Daily Orbit – SpaceX Comes to Spaceport America

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    5-9-13: On this episode of the Daily Orbit, SpaceX finds a new home in New Mexico, a robot can smell your bad breath and stinky feet, and walnuts are healthy for your heart.

    Emerald Robinson: Virgin Galactic gets a new roommate. Making a Martian Colony Survivor Style, Robots that smell your stench and we're going nuts on today's Daily Orbit.

    Hello and welcome to the Daily Orbit, I'm Emerald Robinson. SpaceX and Virgin Galactic are going to be roommates. SpaceX has signed a 3-year deal to lease land and facilities at New Mexico's Spaceport America, where Virgin Galactic also currently calls home.

    The New Mexico Spaceport Authority has been readying the world's first commercial spaceport and they hope the addition of SpaceX will open the door for even more commercial tenants.

    SpaceX plans to begin their next phase of development for their reusable rocket program at the new site. The company said that the facility has the physical and regulatory landscape needed to complete the next phase of testing for their Grasshopper vehicle. A little roomie advice guys, put the lid back on the gas tank.

    And who would like to be my roommate on Mars? Mars One, an organization seeking to establish a human settlement says it has received over 78,000 applications in just two weeks from over 120 countries around the world.

    Mars One hopes to establish a permanent settlement on the Red Planet in 2023. And almost like a game of Survivor, applicants have to make it through four rounds to be selected, followed by 7 years of training. Want in on the running? You've got until August 31 to get your application in! Do you get motion sickness? If I check yes do you think that hurts my chances?

    Warning! Warning! Foul odor is detected. Leave it to the Japanese to develop a robot to detect bad breath and body odor. The two new automatons; a female humanoid and a dog robot utilize artificial olfaction sensors or electronic noses to detect foul odor.

    The female humanoid, Kaori declares emergency if your breath stinks, ouch! And the dog, Shuntaro growls when it detects stinky feet. Why make robots like this? The engineer said he wanted to make a robot that could make people smile and laugh again after the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011. That is pretty funny.

    Talk about being hard headed, a teams of scientists have identified a new species of dog-sized bone-headed dinosaur that dates back over 85 million years. Studying two skull caps found in Alberta, Canada, the team says that the Acrotholus walked on two legs and had a thickened dome skull above its eyes, which was used for display to other members of its species.

    Scientists say it may have used its head in head-butting contests. What a bonehead. The skulls are resistant to destruction and scientists say they will help reveal a few more details about the evolution of bone-headed dinosaurs and they feel like there are many new small dino species like Acrotholus waiting to be discovered. Well, get to it, because we love our dino news.

    And I'm going nuts over this next story of walnuts. New research found walnuts to be one of the healthiest nuts out there. We've known for a while the health benefits of eating nuts like lower blood cholesterol and getting your fatty acid intake, but the new study found that both the whole walnut and its extracted oil are beneficial.

    They found whole walnuts help HDL or good cholesterol, remove excess cholesterols from the body. And it works in as fast as 30 minutes. They also found that the oil in walnuts maintains blood vessel function after you eat, which is often compromised in those with cardiovascular disease. Other components of walnuts play a role in heart health and researchers say they are a good addition to a heart healthy diet.

    Well that's it for the Daily Orbit. Remember to eat your walnuts for your heart.