Daily Orbit – Strategically Awkward Questions

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    9-5-12: In this episode of the Daily Orbit, outrageous questions may be the way to get what you want, painting your bedroom purple may lead to more intimate encounters, and organic produce may not be any better for you.

    Emerald Robinson: Do you dare ask such a question? It might mean getting what you want! Eating organic may just be overrated, plus sex, the success, and drunkenness, coming up on the Daily Orbit.

    Hi, I'm Emerald Robinson. Welcome to the Daily Orbit.

    Hey! You out there, excuse me but would you mind doing my show for me today while I go take a nap? Great! Catch you off guard? Well, a new study suggests asking someone to do an unusual task is the best way to get what you really want. Researchers at the Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities found that asking an outrageous question first, forces people to think, and throws off their usual refusal script. Then, when you follow up your question with what you really, really want, the person may actually consider it. This new research may be useful in a corporate context for employers who really want to get their employees to do something, or even better ladies, when you just want your man to take out the trash.

    Speaking of awkward questions, do you mind telling me the color of your bedroom? A recent British survey revealed that the color of you boudoir plays a big role in how many times you get to play. The study found that couples whose bedrooms were painted purple had more sex per week on average than couples whose bedrooms were painted any other color. Really want to up your average? Add some silk sheets. Couples with silk sheets were able to score over 4 times a week. Other colors coming in close were red and sky blue. Mix 50 shades of gray sound a little pale, don't you think?

    And scientists confirm what we women have always known; men literally see things differently than women. A study published in the Journal Biology of Sex Differences says that men have greater sensitivity to fine detail and rapidly moving stimuli and that women are better at discriminating between colors. The study showed men required a slightly longer wavelength to experience the same hue as women. Experts say you can blame it on testosterone, which plays a major role in the development of the male visual receptors in the brain. So the next time your man comes out in a bright orange printed polo and green and blue plaid pants, just know it's not his fault.

    Body scans in airports, now thermal cameras for drunkenness? Scientists in Greece are developing a thermal camera technology that can effectively scan a person's face for inebriation. Using an algorithm, the camera can determine thermal differences in the face that belie drunkenness. This technology will give law enforcement and other authorities solid evidence in levels of inebriation as well as allowing bars, airports, and other public places to identify drunks before they become a problem. So just save yourself the trouble, and don't get drunk in public.

    Been spending double the dough for organic fare at the market? Well, a new study from Stanford University might just have you thinking twice. The study suggests that organically grown produce does not have more nutritional value than conventionally grown foods. While scientists still say eating organically will reduce your exposure to pesticides and antibiotic-resistant bacteria, it's not by much. So it's a tough call, you might have to judge for yourself if you are getting enough organic bang for your added buck.

    Well that's it for today's Daily Orbit. Excuse me; I have to go repaint my room. See you back here tomorrow.