Daily Orbit – The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    9-24-12: In this episode of the Daily Orbit, teens are learning their bad driving habits from their parents, chocolate addiction might actually be real, and your shoes might be the future of GPS technology.

    Emerald Robinson: What are moms and dads are driving don'ts, are you a back covering-emu or a caterwauling peacock, and here comes the man in white they won't let you remember. All that and more on today's dailyOrbit.

    Hi! I'm Emerald Robinson, welcome to the dailyOrbit. Well, here's a good example of do as I say not as I do. A new study says that mom and dad may be the brain for distracted teen driving habits. 1700 teens admit to engaging in dangerous activities while driving and more than half of those teenage drivers say they had observed their parents exhibiting similar behaviors.

    The most frequently performed distraction, talking on a cellphone while driving; texting while driving can be in at close second followed by not wearing your seatbelt. Driving lessons I learned form my mother, how to put on mascara, eat a sandwich, and talk on the phone as I drive. Thanks mom.

    What type of bird are you when you it comes to checking your email? Are you an echoing mina who replies to every email with, sure, thanks, or my pleasure? Or are you a mean old boorish parrot who sends abusive emails, hmm?

    Researchers in Scotland are likening email habits to bird like behavior. The team decided to study the way the people check, read, and response emails. Then place people in 15 bird-like categories. Though Robin was associated with perfect email manners, Robins do not allow email to dictate their lives and they make time to speak to people in person whenever they can. Let's see who would I be? I would be a compulsive woodpecker, because I had to check my email like every minute of the day.

    I keep telling everyone that chocolate cravings are natural. A new study revealed that the production of a natural chemical in the brain similar to opium causes chocolate cravings. This chemical Enkephalin increases the desire and impulse to eat a chocolate.

    Researchers say these findings suggest that the brain has more extended systems to make individuals want to over-consume than previously thought. They also say this may be a reason why over-consumption is such a problem today. Maybe next they can look at what part of the brain causes a Starbucks addiction.

    Want to get rid of a fearful memory? Then just forget about it. Researchers have found that emotional memories can be erased shortly after they're formed with behavioral intervention. A lasting memory is created by the process of consolidation which is based on the formation of proteins. The memory becomes unstable for a short time and then as re-established by a process called reconsolidation. By disrupting the reconsolidation process scientist say they can affect the content of a memory. They say this research will help victims of anxiety and post dramatic stress disorder. It looks like the Man in Black we're just a little ahead of their time.

    Wouldn't it be great if your feet could always lead you in the right direction? A British artist Dominic Wilcox is working on just that. Wilcox developed a pair of prototype GPS leather shoes. The shoes feature a GPS in the hollow left heel and communicate wirelessly through an antenna build into a tab of the back of the heel and like Dorothy the wearer simply clicks their heels together to activate the navigation. Then a wheel of LED lights in the front left toe points you in the direction you should go. When you reach your destination the right toe turns green. Now shoes can be program through a USB connection to a computer with a custom mapping software.

    You pick a destination, load into the shoes, and follow your toes. Well, that's it for today's dailyOrbit. There's no place I come, there's no place I come. Turn right at Emerald City.