Dallas Introduces High Speed Rail

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dallas’s new light rail, known as DART, infuses each station with community pride and provides a greener way to get around the traffic congested town.

    Jock Starr: Light rail systems are the fastest growing mode of public transportation across the country. Dallas Area Rapid Transit or DART is no exception.

    Mark Ball: On December 6th of 2010 DART opened the Green Line, 28 miles, $1.

    8 billion construction project that went from South East Dallas County all the way in North West in the Farmers Branch in Carrollton. The day we opened that it become the longest light rail project under construction that was opened.

    Jock Starr: Many Dallas commuters are already taking advantage of what DART has to offer.

    Mark ball: You can save a lot of money using DART, I mean the lowest price ticket there we have is roughly $4 round trip for an adult. When you think about that that's $20 in gas.

    Male Speaker: By riding in DART I'm saving about two hours in time.

    Male Speaker: Well it's just more effective, it's cheaper, and you can't drive for the gas prices one you ride the DART rail.

    Male Speaker: And riding the DART train makes it easier to get how many you can get from plane to downtown in 20-25 minutes and rush hour it will be a travel for two hours, I don't have two hours.

    Jock Starr: However some drivers have complaints about the construction.

    Female Speaker: I get very aggravated especially with the DART rail, because I'm trying to get to work on time and there like you know I think they hold up everything. It's an interference to where I'm trying to get. I'm trying to start my day, I'm trying to get on the road.

    Jock Starr: DART holds itself as eco-friendly, cost-effective and it even has a few surprises.

    Mark Ball: Each station has different tile, different brickwork, different paint, different colors, different flags, different sculptures, and we work locally with a community artist from that area who incorporates the history or the design from that area into each of the stations.

    Jock Starr: Reporting from Dallas this is Jock Starr.