Dance the Lindy Hop – Under Arm Turn

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Avid Lindy Hopper Teresa Egan demonstrates the underarm turn.

    Teresa Egan

    Teresa grew up in the DC metro area and was a gymnast, figure skater, swimmer and diver as a kid. In her senior year of high school, she became an avid Lindy Hopper (the original swing dance). While attending the College of William and Mary, Teresa started to teach Lindy Hop in downtown Richmond with Buck Smolow. They later expanded to teaching in Richmond's East End, Richmond's West End, Williamsburg and Fredericksburg. Buck & Teresa created the Richmond Lindy Hop scene and their first students are now the core. Teresa has done well in dance competitions. In 1998, she and Bill Puschman competed in the DC Dancesport Inferno and won first place in Lindy Hop. In 1999, Teresa competed in the Hanover Dance Festival with Buck Smolow and was awarded first place in the Advanced Swing division and first place overall in the Advanced division. Due to the success of Buck & Teresa's regular classes, they were invited to teach as special guests at big events. The American Red Cross invited them to teach Lindy Hop at their national convention. Later, the Charlottesville Swing Dance Society invited Buck & Teresa to teach a full day workshop in 2000. Also in 2000, The Model A Restorers Club invited them to teach at their national meet. In addition, Teresa received a scholarship to learn from the best Lindy Hoppers in the world in Sweden, Finland, and Russia in 2002.

    Tracy Egan: Hi! I am Tracy Egan and this is Tucker Jones and today we are learning the original swing dance the Lindy Hop. So, lets learn an underarm turn.

    We are going to start back in our basic position and we are going to start with the rock step. So, we are going to rock back, rock step and then I want the guys to bring their hand to their shoulder on that first step. So, the women are going to come forward for the tuck and then he is going to lift his hand up, we are going to turn, the hand comes down, we rock step and then come back together. So guys, make sure when you lift that hand you are going to bring it to your shoulder and then you are going to lift it up, but dont crank around, just lift it and invite her to turn.

    Lets try that again, rock step tuck turn rock step You can also do this with the triple-step, so ladies will have more steps to get around. So, if you do that it will look like this.

    Rock step triple-step triplestep rock step together.

    Lets show that one more time, 5 6 7 8, rock step tuck turn rock step together.

    Now, some of you might have noticed on your hand that youve got stuck if you turned around and ended up like this, thats not the right hand position you need to come back over. So, you can magically do it, abracadabra!

    , like that or if you want to avoid it in the first place, when you come up guys open up your hand and go palm-to-palm, let the fingers just come around and then you will come right back on top.

    So, lets show it one more time, 5 6 7 8, rock step triple-step triplestep rock step together.

    So, that was a basic turn and next we are going to learn a reach down pull her back.