Dangers Of Disregarding Auto Repair

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    AAA discusses the top dangers of disregarding basic auto repair.

    John Nielsen: Delaying auto repairs can be a dangerous gamble for motorists. While auto repair can be expensive and time-consuming, a breakdown is a real possibility if needed service is ignored.

    Disregarding auto repair can lead to the following examples of a dangerous auto failure; a loss of traction due to worn or bald tires can cause the driver to loose both braking power and steering control. Worn tires are more likely to hydroplane on wet pavement and skid on snow or ice.

    Check tire tread depth regularly and invest in new tires before excessively worn ones compromise driving safety. Worn suspension components and poor wheel alignment can contribute to a loss of control during sudden turns or high speed driving.

    Tires, wheels, suspension arms, anti roll bar springs, shock absorbers and struts all work together to keep your vehicle traveling in the direction they're steered with minimal pitch and body roll.

    Brake failure and fading can be caused by old brake fluid or low brake fluid levels. Water contamination of old brake fluid accelerates wear and corrosion of brake system components. And if heat generated during braking boils the fluid, it can lead to a partial or even full loss of braking power. Have brakes inspected annually or whenever the brake fluid in the reservoir reaches the level marked low.

    Obscured vision caused by worn, cracked or rigid wiper blades that can't adequately remove rain and grime can cause collisions. Streaking and chattering are common signs it's time to replace wiper blades.

    Rubber blades typically last about 6 to 12 months depending on the climate, so replace them when they no longer clear the glass with a single swipe. Delaying any of this simple maintenance can lead to dangerous driving situations and possibly a collision. Be proactive and have your vehicle serviced regularly for a safer drive.