Dark Beer Myths Debunked

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Julia Herz, Publisher from CraftBeer.com, debunks common myths concerning dark beer.

    Julia Herz: Hi! I am Julia Herz with CraftBeer.

    com and today I want to demystify some thoughts on dark beers. Myth one all dark beers are rich and heavy. Absolutely not true. Dark beer color which can be emebered or coppered to brown to black comes from the barely and the rising temperature of heat that it is exposed to during the molting process.

    So yes the glorious toasted nutty, chocolate flavors in many dark beers or from malt, but the bottom-line is color is not an indicator of wait or body of a beer. Thin skim milk 2% and whole milk they all look the same, but they are different in weight on the palette, right? Many dark beers are just as low in body as many pale beer styles, it all depends on what the brewer wanted to achieve.

    Myth two, dark beers have more calories than pale or colored beers. Again not true. Think toasted bread, if the toasting of that bread that darkens the bread color and advances flavor, right, but that has not affect on the calories of your toast. The bottom-line the color of the beer has nothing to do with the calories of the beer.

    Myth three, all dark beers are higher in alcohol. You guessed it not true. Beyond the pale to go color of the American loggers there are multitude of darker U.

    S. craft beer styles that do not have high alcohol or heavy body or residual sweetness including everything from dark loggers to many porters and stouts. The bottom-line here color is absolutely not an indicator of alcohol levels of any beer of any style. Many dark beers are the same alcohol level as many pale or colored beers.

    Here is the tip when CraftBeer.

    com looked at more than 15 different craft beer styles the average alcohol by volume was less than 6%. So what's the moral of the story? Don't be afraid of the dark there is a multitude of craft fruit beers from small and independent brewers across the U.

    S. that are very rewarding to enjoy. Cheers!