Dating Tips – Preparing for a Date

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dating Expert Marya Choby discusses how to prepare for a date.

    Marya Choby: Hi! I'm Marya Choby and I am a dating coach. I am sharing dating strategies for shy and introverted singles. Right now, I am going to talk about how to prepare for your date. If you are going on a date, a little forethought and preparation will help things go more smoothly. Arrange a date that works well for you. Choose the time of day that you have the highest energy level. Consider seeing a movie or going to the theater or a concert, an art show or a lecture. Activities will put someone else at the center of attention, giving you an opportunity to get adjusted to be with the other person and to calm down. The event also gives you a topic of conversation. Make your first few dates shorter. Consider coffee rather than a full meal. Don't schedule other social events before your date. Set time to recharge your batteries before getting together. Keep your schedule for the day and week, light. Go to bed early the week and night prior to your date. Going to bed by 10 will do wonders for your energy level. If you constantly feel like you're swimming upstream with low energy, gradually move your bedtime forward. Always be prepared for conversation. Have a few conversation topics ready. Often time, introverts and shy folks need to deliberately refresh their memory for details. Remember, when introverts take in information, it travels a longer pathway in the brain to be processed in the long-term memory. Processing happens more slowly which leads to problems finding words and slower thinking. When overstimulated, Acetylcholine slowly dries up affecting memory. Read up on current events, so they're easier for you to talk about. Make notes on them and you'll have an easier time remembering them when you're nervous. Introverts notoriously dislike goodbyes and love to slip out unnoticed. Agree on an end time for the date beforehand. Plan how you'll say goodbye, practice saying I enjoyed meeting you. On the day of your date, eat well. Avoid sugar and caffeine. Introverts and shy folks may be even more sensitive to the rise and fall of blood sugar, leading to a quick drop in energy and brain fog. Keep your brain sharp by skipping processed junk foods and sugar. Eat whole grains, vegetables and lean forms of proteins. Exercise on the day of your date. Exercise does wonders for calming the nerves and releasing Endorphins. Learn and use relaxation techniques before you go out. Remember, introverts need Acetylcholine to feel energized. Acetylcholine builds through rest, relaxation and introspection. Develop a toolbox of relaxation exercises and breathing techniques. One of my favorites is the Hong Saw breath. To practice the Hong Saw breath, sit upright to avoid falling asleep. As you inhale, make the hong sound, and as you exhale, the saw sound. On the inhale, you'll use the back of the roof of your mouth to create the hong sound. It'll feel soft as if you're snoring. Continue inhaling and exhaling in this manner ten times. Do the Hong Saw breath before leaving the house and you'll feel quite relaxed and calm. I've just talked about how to prepare for your date. Next, I'll talk about how to make a good impression on your date.