Day to Evening Makeup – Cheeks and Lips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional make up artist James Cornwell demonstrates how to create a natural daytime makeup look that will transition into the evening including how to apply blush and lip color.

    James Cornwell: Hey there! This is James Cornwell. I am here at the PR & Partners in Mazza Gallerie. Today we are showing you how to create a natural daytime look that will transition in for the evening. And this segment we will be focusing on the cheeks and the lips. I have already prepped the lips so they can get moisturized while I show you how to do cheeks. I added a little Vitamin E stick, it just gives you a great moisture to make your lip liners and your lip glosses or lipstick go on a little smoother. What we will do first is show you how to apply cheeks. Proper application is the apple of the cheek lies just underneath the pupil and maybe to the right of the left of it depending upon what side you are starting with. So always make sure you don't come too close into to the nose and then it just look like there is too much color all the way across your face. What I do is dab the color on and follow the cheek bone up in to the hair. This to me elongates the cheek and every person that I work with can show how to bring it into the hair line, they start creating a much better cheek line for themselves. And then key is blending. Really take your brush off and blend it up into the hair. And always dab back into the color until you feel like you have the proper amount of color. Check down just a little bit. For the daytime look, you definitely don't want to overdo it but you want to enhance a nice tone across the face. I always brush it just across the face and that just gives a little even color all the way through. Once you have the cheek supplied, now we are going to focus on the lips. I, even for a day look, like to do a little bit of a liner specially with a gloss because that gives you a little enhancement of the lips and then a little shine without too much color. Proper way to apply lip liner is to start from the outside and work your way in. This doesn't drag the skin on the lips and it will give you a more even application. You can either do it by drawing with soft, stroking motions that will give you a easier line to complete for the lips or you can do a little bit of a longer motion, just depends upon your technique and what you feel comfortable with. So once you have created a little bit of a fuller lip, then you go in with the lip shine or lip gloss. In this case, I am using the super gloss from our pretty makeup line and just do a little blending with your lip liner. This will ensure that you get the color of the lip liner and the color of your super gloss together to create a natural daytime look. And again, if you make any mistakes you can just do a little dab off, rub it together just a little bit. And there you have a beautiful daytime look for your lips and for your cheeks. So now we have finished this segment. In our next segment we are going to show you how to finish off the brow which will enhance the entire look of the face and also a quick little demonstration on how to do an evening look from your daytime look.