Day to Evening Makeup – The Eyes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional make up artist James Cornwell demonstrates how to create a natural daytime makeup look that will transition into the evening including how to apply the eye make up.

    James Cornwell: Hey there! This is James Cornwell and I am here at the PR & Partners in Mazza Gallerie and today we are doing a segment on natural daytime makeup that will transition to the evening. And in this section I will be focusing on the eye. First, we are going to start with a little shadow magnet, that actually is a great product in our pretty makeup line, that actually brings up the pigment color in the shadow and also helps the application last all day long. Best way to apply it is either with your fingertips or with a brush. And basically you put it on all over the eyelid just like an eyeshadow. And with this product there is no need to set it. It is designed to work with the eye shadows and really blend the shadow the best it can blend. Now my fabulous little trio that I have created here for our model. I am going to use three different colors of eye shadows and I generally start with the eye shadow and do the liner after I have created the look. So here I am starting with a base, just a soft color, it has a little bit of a green hue to it to work with her skin tone and her eye color. I am going to apply the eye shadow starting at the inset of the eye and blend it out over the entire eyelid. Not going too far above the crease of the eye. Which is actually where the fold is in the eye when you open up your eye. You don't want to take your base color above that.

    Apply a little bit more if you need a deeper concentration of color. Start at the same exact place on both eyes. This will ensure you get the same amount of color in your starting position on the eyelid. Lot of people make the mistake of starting the inside on of one eye, outside on the other and that gives you an unbalanced amount of color on the eye. Now once you have created your base look, I tend to switch brushes just because for increasing contour you want a little bit of a different brush that can really get in there and make a cool natural color. What I am going to do for the day is just blend a little bit of my base color with a little bit of a darker brown to enhance the eye color. And I am just going to work that right into the crease, so it gives a hint of color. Again, starting position of the color is exactly where I did the first eye application. And I blend it until I feel I have a great even feel of where the color is. Then from there, I take a blending brush, and I use a highlighter just to bring the two colors together and also brighten the eye a little bit. Using a highlighter you tend to want to stay right on the brow bone. Bring it into the color a little bit, so it blends and gives a natural feel. And open up your eyes. And there you have a nice soft day look with your eye shadows. Then from there, you want to take your eyeliner and enhance the natural line of the eyelash. Almost as if you are taking the color in separating the lashes, not making a harsh line on the eyelid. Close your eye. This can be done by softly going back and forth and almost feeling like your lashes are separating as you apply the color. Once your eyeliner is applied evenly, you then take a last curler and enhance the natural curl of the lash. A lot of women can do this very easily on themselves. Close your eyes for me versus an artist doing it. They get very used to creating that lash look. Just make the eyes pop. Couple of seconds on the squeeze. Be careful, you don't get the skin because it could be a little painful. And then your mascara. Mascara application is very important. You want to have a back and forth motion when you are applying the lash, you want to feel as though the lashes are actually separating. When you put this on, it's going to give you a very full lush look. Close your eyes for me. As I put the mascara wand on to the eye, I move my hand back and forth to create a full lush lash. And it's easy this way for me having the eye closed as an artist. Because I can get both sets of lashes all at the same time. And I have control of the eye, in case somebody is jumpy or blinking. And there you have a beautiful natural day look. And the great thing about makeup is when you make mistakes you can just go back and erase them. Look up. And coming up in our next segment we are going to be talking about cheeks and lips.