DC’s Best Dog Parks

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Washington D.C. dogs enjoy parks all over the nation’s capitol, both on and off leash. From specialty pooch amenities and large open spaces, to Astro turf and water bowls, DC knows how to treat their four legged friends.

    Bonnie Breuner: Here in the nation's capital, dogs are still considered man's best friend. With so many parks, we asked around to find the perfect place for your pooch.

    Located near the capital in southeast, Lincoln Park is a great place for owners and their dogs to enjoy the historic beauty of this city.

    Derrick Ashton: They're puppies now and I just them to get a chance to see other dogs.

    Bonnie Breuner: However, although very popular, this is not an official dog park with fencing areas. So dogs cannot play off the leash. In contrast, the Walter Pierce Park in the Northwest Adams Morgan area provides a fenced in area with the security gates so dogs can walk freely. There're also scattered benches and picnic tables and shaded areas for owners to enjoy.

    David W. Alde: One reason I like it is because it's got a lot of trees. It's shady and another reason is there are a lot of cool people to accompany as well.

    Bonnie Breuner: Other parks like Kingsman in Northeast offer the extra amenities like water bowls, waste disposal bags, and fenced areas reserved for smaller dogs and puppies. Providing approximately 16,000 square feet of space complete with balls and other toys, Shaw Dog Park in Northwest seems to be among the most popular and is known as the athletic club for DC dogs.

    Erin Hartnett: We ended up really liking this one just because this is so big and there is space for our dog, which is why we bring him, to be able to run around and play with all the other dogs.

    Bonnie Breuner: Several blocks away from Shaw is the S Street Dog Park, a premiere model park in this city. Despite its much smaller size, this park is a huge hit among the locals. The reason? Astroturf!

    Nina Miller: The turf is it's in an interesting alternative to the other parks in the area that have different kinds of surfacing. This park was planned for, I think, about ten years. So there is a lot of community involvement and a lot of really careful planning went into place.

    Bonnie Breuner: It's fair to say Washington DC has a variety of dog parks and a park to meet every need. From Washington, this is Bonnie Breuner.