Deadbolt Lock Installation – Installing the Strikeplate

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Home Improvement Expert Ryan Arsensdorf demonstrates the final step of deadbolt lock installation, installing the strikeplate.

    Ryan Arensdorf: Hi! I am Ryan with Just Doors. Today, we've been installing a deadbolt. Now we are going to walk you through the steps of how to finish it. We have used a little bit of cocking, marked the hole by putting a little bit of cocking on the backset. Now we'll close the door throughout the bolt, that's going to give us our mark of where the hole is. Now we'll turn the deadbolt, that's going to be where our hole is. Now that we have marked a location for our backset hole, we will be using a 1 inch spade bit to drill the hole. If you are doing a double door, such as this, make sure to have someone hold the door when you drill in the holes. Also be sure that they are out of the way in case the drill slips off. Now we are ready to drill the hole. You are going to put your pilot hole in the center of your mark. Drill the hole approximately 1 inch deep, close the door and check to make sure that the deadbolt retracts all the way without hitting the wood. Now that our hole is drilled, we are ready to mark for chiseling out for the backset. Using the decorative plate that they've send you, hold the back plate up, so that it's more or less with the center of the hole and go ahead and mark. This particular lock set has a security plate. So we will be installing this as well. You'll be chiseling approximately a 1/4 inch deep to accommodate security plate as well as the decorative plate. Using your 1 inch chisel and hammer, we are going to chisel for the back plate. Now that we've got our marks starting at the top and the bottom, chisel in approximately a 1/4 inch, then move to the sides. Again, be careful not to chisel too deep, so that you don't chisel off the edge of the door. I said, you chisel about an 1/8 inch to a 1/4 inch back at an angle but trying to keep it as flat as possible. Now when you are chiseling, if a side starts to break off, just stop, moving chisel to the side and hammer it in lightly. If you haven't gone deep enough, just put your chisel at the same spot you did, marking the top and the bottom and sides and go a little deep. Now we'll move into the top part.

    Now that its chiseled, use your security plate to ensure that it's deep enough. The back plate is marked this side to door and before installing any screws, check to make sure that the backset plate, if its own and that its flush. Now you are ready to pre-drill and put the security screws in. Maybe a good idea to use the decorative plate to check to ensure that you are in the right location. Close the door and check it. Now using the 3 inch security screws provided, we'll drill the hole and install the screws. Drill in about 1 inch to an 1 1/2 inch, keeping it as straight as possible. Because they are long screws, if they go in at an angle, they could come out either side of the door. If you've get a double door like this or a door with sidelights, ensure that the screws aren't going to hit the glass. In this case, they are okay. Now using our impact gun, we'll install the screws. Keep a careful eye on your drill that you are not getting at angle, so that it comes out either side of the door. We'd like to use an impact gun because of its light weight and versatility to get in small places. Also, what an impact gun does is as you are screwing in, it impacts the screw making it a little easier to drive the screw in. Now that our security plate is installed, we are ready to go ahead and put the decorative plate on. Your hole should line up with the security plate. Now that the plates are on, we'll close the door and check for proper operation. That concludes our clip on deadbolt installation. Thanks for watching and good luck.

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