Dealing with Elderly Cognitive Issues

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Mary Alexander with Home Instead Senior Care talks about cognitive issues that our parents may face and how to cope with them.

    Mary Alexander: Hi! I'm Mary Alexander from Home Instead Senior Care and today I'm talking about cognitive issues that our parents may face and how to cope with them.

    According to researchers at the Indiana School of Medicine by the time we reach age 65 or more one-forth of us maybe wrestling with the failing memory and other mild cognitive problems. Many of us jokes about having old timer's disease, but when cognitive impairment strokes one of our parents then laughter often turns to fear.

    The good news is that not all signs of cognitive impairment mean that you are senior loved one has old timer's disease. In fact, many health issues even some as simple as a vitamin deficiency can relate to cognitive impairment. In some cases, the symptoms are reversible. There are also activities we can encourage our senior loved ones to do, to prevent and improve cognitive disabilities.

    In these videos series we will give you the definition of cognitive dysfunction and symptoms that might demonstrate that your parent is suffering from its effects. We'll also talk about some of the problems and causes of cognitive problems including those related to the dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Lastly, we will give you some ways to help you and your senior loved one cope with cognitive impairment.

    Home Instead Senior Care, the national leader in providing in home care services for seniors is bringing you these videos theories to help you help your senior loved ones. Helping seniors is something Home Instead has been doing passionately for more than 15 years.

    I not only work for Home Instead, but I'm a Certified Senior Advisor. More importantly I'm currently a long distance caregiver for my dad and I spent several months caring for my mom locally. So first let's talk about the definition and symptoms of cognitive impairment.