Decorate a Christmas Tree – Decorate a Mantle to Match

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Cheri Hennessy of the Christmas Attic in Old Town Alexandria demonstrates how to decorate a Christmas tree including how to decorate the mantle to match your tree.

    Sherry Hennessy: Hi I am Sherry Hennessy with the Christmas Attic. We are going to show you how to decorate a Christmas Tree but this time, we are going to show you how to decorate a Christmas Tree and a mantle so that they match together. We are going to start today by putting lights on to make our garland on our mantle match our Christmas tree.

    I have set of multicolored lights and my garland came pre-lit with white lights. So what I am going to do is put this and take about half of the length of the lights and I start in the middle. Then I take the end and I put the end over here where I am going to stop. Then I take this half and I have attached it down here. Just make sure that I have an even amount of lights throughout the garland. I twist and wrap just like you did on the tree, up and down, concentrating on the tips of the garland.

    Next we are going to put the candy garland on to our greenery. Just kind of inner twining of garland, turn it back and forth, and then I take the loop and attach it. Now we are going to take that same garland and put it on the tree. We use our hooks just like we did before and putting garlands on. Alright, what we are going to do now is place the gingerbread house on a couple of trunks and nestle it in next to the garland. As I nestle it in, I am going to take a little bit of that candy garland and drape it over the top of the house so it looks like it's part of the mantle. Next we are going to take these ladders and we are going to create a kind of a little---the elves that are going to be decorating our tree and our gingerbread house. I am just going to place the ladder here to tie the two pieces together, gingerbread house to the garland and place three more ladders on the tree. Now we are going to place the elves in some little positions, on the ladders, on the garland, on the tree. You need to just adjust their little arms and legs.

    We are going add on snowflakes. So snowflakes are going to really add shine to this tree and they have a lot of color, they are fun. We are going to continue our candy theme by adding some gingerbread man here in the bottom and some real candy canes. It's fun to have a touch of real candy on the trees. We have got just about most of the decorations on the tree now and we go ahead and add on to the mantle a couple of glass plate stands. I am going to pull in some sparkly trees in green and silver and arrange here.

    Now we have got the mantle, and we have got the garland decorated, and the tree decorated. I am going to frost my whole tree with artificial snow. I am just going to take handfuls of snow and toss them up on the tree, and over the house, and over the garland, and the mantle until everything looks like it was frosted by snow. As you can see we have our finished product here. Canyland with snow all over our little gingerbread house.

    Next we are going to be decorating a small tree for a small space with a retro, old fashioned 50s theme.