Decorate a Christmas Tree – Finishing the Tree

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Cheri Hennessy of the Christmas Attic in Old Town Alexandria demonstrates how to decorate a Christmas tree including tips for finishing the tree.

    Sherry Hennessy: I am Sherry Hennessy. I am here at the Christmas Attic and we are here to show you how to decorate truly special Christmas tree. We have put on the lights, the decoration and now we are going to finish the tree up. We are going to put on the tree topper, the ribbons and the tree skirt under the tree. So let's get started. We are going to place the angel on the very top. Make sure you can see her and then while we have a ladder up we are going to put our Christmas streamers on. We use the ribbon, you figure out for ribbon, a yard is an arm length, about three to four yards to do the double streamer down the tree. Then to make it easy we are going to clip it on the top and have it come down. I am just going to take piece of wire and your wire up underneath your tree toppers skirt. Again, when you get to the center, you can go to this side and wire up underneath the tree toppers skirt. Tuck your wires under. Now that we have got three double streamers on the tree that six pieces of ribbon flowing down from the top, I am going to how you kind of twirl them and tuck them into the tree. So you start twisting gently and you tuck and then you twist and you tuck and you twist down to the bottom. Now that we have a tucked in the bottom here we are going to repeat this process for the other five streamers. Now I am going to show you how to make a real easy bow. There are lots of fancy bows, but this is simple. Take a little bit, that's how long your streamer is going to be, hold it, do a little bit of a twist, loop, little bit of twist, loop. You can just even going to scrunch it with your hands together. It doesn't have to be real fancier. We just going to have to do three little loops on each side. Make a little loop for the center, but the magic of the bow and what makes it to look good. If you take your wire and you place it in the center, scrunch it all together and twist. And now you have a little bow that will tie your ribbon and your tree topper together. You just place that on the front. Alright, now the that you have the bow on. We are going to finish up and put the tree skirt under the tree. Then we are done.

    Just pick the red tree skirt, go under here, set it under the tree. You don't want to put it too far under the tree, but I tell you little trick we have here at Christmas Attic, we usually put a box up under so you can actually see the tree skirt a little bit, otherwise you wont see any design that you have on the tree skirt. Now that we have completed decorated this tree. Next we are going to decorate the mantel.