Decorating Easter Eggs with Glitter

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Karen Kormondy of Ipso Crafto shows how to create glittery Easter eggs.

    Karen Kormondy: Hi, my name is Karen Kormondy with Ipso Crafto in Washington D.

    C. and today, I am showing you how to decorate Easter Eggs. Right now, we are going to use glitter, a glue and a preserved blown out egg to make a really special decoration for your Easter dinner table and basically, the only things that we are going to need are ultra fine glitter or you can use just regular glitter. We are just using the ultra fine because it's one of my favorites and then some clear drying glue. Any kind of white glue is usually clear drying and then the blown out egg which we showed you how to do in the other previous clip. So let's get started.

    I like to open up my glue bottle and use a paintbrush to do this. But if you have little ones who might just want to use their fingers, that's quite alright too and I think that actually might work better for this clip. So you are just going to take out a little bit of glue. Also, this is more fun because it's messier and you are just going to make a little pattern with the glue on to the egg and again, because this is a blown out egg you don't have to worry about if it's edible or how easy you will be able to peel. This is solely for decoration so you can really have fun with it and right now, I am just making a stripe, a big, wide stripe around the circumference of the egg and now that it's all finished, I am going to get a handy-dandy piece of paper and just sprinkle that ultra fine glitter on to the glue part. Of course, with glitter it will only stick to the part that's already been glued. So you do not have to worry if it gets everywhere because it will because that's what glitter does and just shake off the rest and now you have one stripe and now to finish off the egg, we are just going to take more glue and put glue wherever the pink glitter is not.

    So, that's a pretty wide area and with the ultra fine glue you really don't need a lot of glue, just a little bit goes a long way because it's so fine that it sticks which is the tiniest little bit of glue. Take your second color, just shake it on. You could help it around by just using a clean, ungluey (ph) finger to press it in and then keep going. Put a little bit more glue and if there is any spots that don't have any glitter on it in an area that you have already glued, you can go back to that later with a paintbrush and just fill in just a tiny little bit of glue on to that, the hole or whatever and just put some more glitter on. Let's see how this will look. We roll it around in the glitter that you have already put down and there you have it. It helps a little bit to wait for each of the layers to dry, but if you just want to just go for it and see what happens, you can always just do it really quickly. That helps the glitter to mix up a little bit which is a cool effect too. So now in the next clip we will be showing you how to decorate your blown out Easter eggs with tissue paper or decoupage. So stay tuned for that.