Decorating Mini Loaves for Gift Giving

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Bundt pan expert Jenny Dalquist demonstrates how to make mini Bundt loaves for gift giving.

    Jennifer Dalquist: Hi! I am Jenny Dalquist from Nordic Ware. We have been baking holiday bundt cakes and now we are about to finish out our projects. We are going to decorate some holiday mini loaves with a little bit of simple icing that I have made. In this bowl I have mixed powdered sugar with a little bit of milk and some red food coloring, just to get to a consistency that's going to be spreadable and a little bit runny. You don't want it too thick not like true frosting. So, I am going to string it up here. You can do this in any color.

    Obviously you are going to want red and green for Christmas, but here we are just going to work with red. I am going to take a little bit of it just on a dull kitchen knife, which I like to use as a spreading utensil, and I am going to start decorating here. So I just spread it over, this one is a ribbon on a present. I am going to spread it over and you will notice that after you apply it, it starts to run just a little bit, but that has a really nice effect that, that creates in the end, it sort of coats the cake. So, I am going to keep working here until I have the bow design. It's also nice, if you have little pieces of candy or chocolate chips, those are fun to decorate with too and it's a great project for children.

    Now, we are going to move on to the candy cane. Now, that we have applied the red icing, we are going to take a little bit of white icing and work our way around the candy cane and create the white stripes that you would see. So, I have toothpick here and I am just going to take a little bit of frosting and work my way over the edge to create white stripes. We will clean up the edges of the candy cane when we get to the very end of decorating. Now that we have finished decorating that, I am going to take another clean wooden skewer and I am just going to go right around the edge and clean up the extra frosting that we have on there.

    After you finish decorating you want to let your cakes dry for about 20 minutes to make sure the icing doesn't get ruined when you put them in gift bags. Now these are just some simple cellophane holiday themed gift bags that we have picked up at a crafts store. You can pick these up at a craft store or a grocery store or a discount retailer. We are just going to open the bag up, these have dried long enough. I am going to stick them inside. You can also put some fill in there and if you wanted to put candy or you could put some tissue paper, just to make a nice little presentation. Fold the edges in and have a twisty tie.

    You could also use a ribbon or add some little accessories like bells or holly. Anything that looks good to you. And then you have some nice little packages to give as gifts. Alright, have fun with your holiday baking!